Josh Brady Introduces Tyler Sweet to Helix Studios

Tyler Sweet makes his HelixStudio’s debut tonight, one of the studios 5 new exclusives with Josh Brady  interviewing 26 year old Tyler who is a Texas native currently living in Kansas. The porn veteran is a long overdue welcome addition to Helix. Tyler who has been away from shooting porn for awhile, recently returned to XXX on Just4Fans. Long time porn fans know this versatile gay boi from the Porn Class of 2011 which includes such still working porn luminaries as Kyle Ross,Max Carter,Luke Allen and Taylor Reign who was named Alex Vaara in 2011 at Helix and Next Door Twink.

At the start of his porn career in 2011-12 Tyler Sweet was featured prominently on Next Door Twink which was at the time inTyler Sweet and Alex Vaara NDT an intense rivalry with Helix. Sweet also appeared memorably on in that studios early years. Of course he appeared on other sites as well and just a spot check on Google returns at least 67 scene credits!

Hard to believe Tyler is just 26 when he looks maybe 20 but Josh Brady (who is 22 or 23) remembers jackin it to this delish twink in his interview something which gets a laugh and a big smile on Tylers face. Josh is the type of High School Jock Tyler lusted for in High School so the on screen chemistry in this scene is very real!

Helix fans Tyler Sweet was signed to an Exclusive contract this week one of 5 newbies at the Studio. See the post Helix Signs Five New Exclusives for more!

We’re making a dream come true for Josh Brady pairing him with popular porn boy, Tyler Sweet; who, the stud used to spank it to back in the day! Tyler already has several fans; but, they’ve never gotten to know him like they will in this sizzling hot, “Introducing” scene! Sweet is from Texas currently lives in Kansas among acres of wheat fields. Here the country cutie dives deep, delivering several salacious stories that’ll get blood pumping down below.

He talks about coming out in middle school, loosing his virginity to a football player on the 50 yard line, AND describes all his hot kinks in dirty detail. Josh is chomping at the bit during the cock stiffening conversation, and can’t wait to get his former masturbation fantasy boy naked. The chemistry is palpable as the porn pro’s kiss and cock grab, tearing at each other’s clothes like a couple of horny high schoolers.

Brady slaps Sweet on the seat, signaling dream boy to his knees. He gags on the hunk’s huge hog, choking every thick inch down to the base. Brady spins the schlong slut around, then buries his handsome face in the hottie’s hind end while spreading his smooth cheeks and thumbing the dude’s donk for good measure. After working his fuck fantasy into a frenzy, the horned up hunk slaps his meat slab against Sweet’s smooth pink hole, then plunges balls deep with his first thrust.

Brady goes hard, hammering the toned muscle twink to the limit, stopping only to taste Tyler’s dick mid smash. Full up on cock, Josh jams his giant back in Sweet’s bubble, and pumps peen till bottom boy shoots! Brady pulls his pulsing piston out and unloads white hot, gooey gold all over Tyler’s tight, toned stomach.

Check Introducing Tyler Sweet today on Helix Studios!

Check this new Helix Studios scene today!


  1. Very good to see Tristan (Tyler) join Helix after so long! I remember him at Next Door Twink and many other sites. Helix just needs a reset what I look for is simple, Hot guys good sex well shot and leave the drama at the door or show the drama THE DOOR! thats all a boner kill to me and I think most true fans of Helix!

  2. Hi Nat I certainly agree and yeah Drama HAS been shown the door!

    I made an edit since you refereed to “Tristan’s” Next Door Twink I know you meant Tyler Sweet not Tristan Adler but its easy to get the Tylers,Tristans and Travis’s mixed up. 😉

  3. I totally agree, I’m so glad to see the drama people are now gone.

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