Justin Dean Fucks Brad Steele Raw…Broke Straight Boys

Little (5ft6″) Brad Steele’s 3rd duo scene for Broke Straight Boys has convinced me he is a keeper, while some may be put off by the tattoos his strong bottoming scenes to date are winning over notroisy picky (and crabby) Broke Straight Boys members. Justin Dean once again shows us he the rare “Gay Model” on BSB loves plowing the avowed straight boys and yeah Brad is one of them!

Brad Steele is still a new guy around here, but Justin Dean will help relieve some of that newbie tension as they move in for some kisses. Making out and undressing, Justin sucks on Brad’s sweet cock before pulling his ass down to rim his tight hole, 69ing with Brad as Brad works Justin’s dick with his mouth. When Brad’s wet tongue and warm mouth has Justin’s cock pulsing with pleasure and ready for some ass, Brad climbs into his lap and straddles him, lowering himself onto Justin’s dick and riding him reverse cowboy.

Brad strokes his uncut dick as Justin pushes his raw cock in and out of that ass, pulling Brad around so that they’re face to face, Brad’s sore ass still bouncing up and down on Justin’s thick member. Justin brings Brad closer to kiss him, pushing him back against the bed and burying his dick in him again, pushing that cock balls deep into Brad’s hole and fucking him hard.

Both these sexy guys are breathing hard, trying to catch their breath as they fuck and get fucked, Justin slowing the pace a little as he leans in for another kiss. Justin takes Brad from behind next, holding Brad’s lean hips in place as he pounds into him from behind until he pulls out to cum between Brad’s ass then sits back and watches as Brad strokes out his load.

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