Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon…Broke Straight Boys


Oliver Saxon gets one hard pounding fuck from Kaden Porter in this new Broke Straight Boys. Oliver is known at BSB for taking some of the biggest and hardest cocks in the stable so Kaden certainly had a challenge to meet! I would say Kaden certainly rose to that challenge and left Oliver satisfied!

Oliver Saxon isn’t interested in making small talk with Kaden Porter, all he wants to do is get their scene started and make some cash, so they dive right in and start kissing hard. Oliver teases Kaden with his tongue as he licks his way down Kaden’s neck and stomach until he reaches that cock, pulling it out and taking it in his mouth. Oliver sucks Kaden’s shaft and balls, making Kaden grow harder and hornier with each pass of his lips over that fat dick.

When it’s time for Kaden to suck Oliver’s juicy meat, he delivers some amazing oral, getting Oliver hard and then flipping him around and rimming Oliver’s tight little ass before shoving his dick in it! As Kaden fucks him from behind, Oliver gently strokes his own member, letting Kaden move him over to the bed next and pound him raw, making Oliver’s ass bounce as Kaden gets deep inside. Oliver flips onto his back and Kaden holds his legs apart, burying his bareback dick inside while Oliver jerks his prick until he cums, letting Kaden bust a nut between his ass and then get a taste of that jizz before calling it a day! Take Advantage of Black Friday Thru November 28th on all Broke Straight Boys Plans!


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