Kissing Keagan; Brian Gibson and Keagan Case Flip…8Teenboy

Exciting newcomer Keagan Case makes his 8Teenboy debut in Kissing Keagan which is what Brian Gibson is doing introducing New Jersey lad Keagan to Twink Paradise, Hey anything with Brian Gibson IS Heaven! Great debut for Keagan and good to see that Brian Gibson after a very short time at 8teenboy is now breaking in the newbies!

Big dicked Brian Gibson has the pounding pleasure of welcoming new boy on the block, Keagan Case to the 8teenboy brood. Keagan gets the royal treatment with a tongue twirling, throat thruster from golden haired Gibson. Our naughty newbie is a natural and puts on one hell of a schlong stretching show as he slams suck boy’s face down on his dick with a sly smirk on his pretty, pink lips, foreshadowing the uninhibited first fuck flick he’s about to unleash!

After sucking down the new dude’s delicious dick, Brian unzips his jeans, then let’s Keagan do the rest. He stares at Gibson’s red hot nut huggers, filled to the max with a firm, fat, fuck stick stiff as stone and ready to be rammed down Case’s thirsty throat. He nuzzles Brian’s big beast with his nose, breathing in the boy’s scent before sliding off the cock covering slowly. The uncut, angel of an appendage flops out with face fucking fanfare, rock hard and ready.

Keagan looks up at the boy with wide eyed excitement, then gets to work basting Brian’s beefed up bone all the way at the back of his throat. After proving himself Keagan Casea pro pole smoker, Keagan gets on all fours and shows off one of his best assets. His firm, fat ass is irresistible, and Brian is hungry as hell. Gibson is treated to some hot dirty talk while eating Case’s honey of a hole, which makes him want to christen Keagan’s beautiful butt with his uncut cock even more.

He breaks the boy’s back door wide open with his big battering ram, then milks the mighty newcomer’s prostate with long, strong, hard hitting strokes. Wanting the shiny, new porn star to get the full fuck experience, Brian boards the boy’s bone and takes a raw, rough ride as Case cups his creamy cheeks to give the boy more bounce. After Brian performs his hot, hip hammering, halftime show, he slides back between Case’s legs to finish what he started.

His bubble butt works overtime, muscling dick into the dude with porny precision till Keagan christens his own, rock hard six pack with his first on camera cum shot! Gibson takes the sexy sight in, then wraps his hand around his uncut goo gun. His mighty tool erupts and glazes the new guy with a grade A flood of fresh, hot fuck! Check this 8Teenboy on a 3 day Trial!

Brian Gibson has a magnificent uncut cock!

The Flip \/

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  1. This scene was thoroughly enjoyable. While bedtime came early; at 7pm for me, the anticipation of watching Brian and Keagan brought me back to the computer at midnight. Totally worth it. Throughout the scene it was clear that these were two happy, sexually-enthusiastic boys and they absolutely proved that new guys can show us all just how good young male gay erotica can be.

    That Brian is a superbly-motivated porn performer goes without saying; that’s obvious. But what really stands out is his stunning facial beauty, excellent and well-manscaped physique, dominated by his eagerness, attitude and beautiful, throbbing member, I always knew he had what it takes and I’m looking forward to seeing much more of his abilities.

    From his first semi-solo with Max, Keagan struck me as a natural performer. And what made this scene so nice is his effervescent smile and willingness to engage in a scorching-hot, naked, erotic performance like this with his first pairing. His slender, willowy body instinctively responded to penetrating advances of both orifices and his sheer boy-beauty glowed magnificently. I hope he does more scenes, and soon.

    My appreciation of the scene spills over to Jill’s editing of this stunning collision of freshly minted boy models, Max Carter’s direction and camera-work and to the unnamed others, holding the boom mic and hefting the other camera.

    I just wish someone would fix that rattling headboard. At first, I thought someone was knocking on the bedroom door and this would evolve into a 3-way.

  2. I feel so depraved watching Brian Gibson but I have seen his nudes on twitter nothing shy or innocent about this boy. Keagan is another fresh face the 8Teenboys sure are easy on the eye!

    They bring out the Lust in a gay man!

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