Kyle’s Crush;Ashton Summers Tops Kyle Ross…Helix Studios

Kyle Ross always gets first dibs on the new jocks at Helix Studios! This scene shot the last weekend of September when new Helix Exclusive Ashton Summers signed his contract (which Kyle prepared) became the most anticipated video when the first teaser shots went up! We know that Kyle gets cum in his eye which means the super twink was left highly satisfied by Latin Jock Ashton! This is a highly recommended scene!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Beautiful Uber twink Kyle Ross has been crushing HARD on uber hottie Ashton Summers. He sees him running the stairs everyday for his work outs while Ross hits the books. When Summers lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat glistening on his gorgeous face, Kyle can’t take his eyes off the stud and soon the sexy pair find a private place for Kyle’s fantasy to cum to true. Ashton is truly a dreamboat, tall, dark and handsome and super pumped after a grueling workout.

He takes Ross in his arms and kisses the kid passionately while Kyle strips the bronze Adonis and gets down on his knees. Already rock hard, Summers plump piece pops out and right into Kyle’s waiting cock sucker. Amped up from his workout, Ashton grabs the twink by the back of the head and rams his dick down the boy’s bottomless throat. then, Summers discovers Kyle’s caboose. He spreads the boy’s beautiful, hairless hole open and crams a few fingers inside as Kyle continues to slurp schlong. Knowing Ross has been watching him for weeks, Ashton wants to give the kid the full fantasy.

He scoops the boy up and devours the blond’s boner before he puts his fuck toy on all fours. He goes back and forth between eating ass and sucking cock before he needs to bury his bone deep in Kyle’s hungry canal. Bareback and hard as diamonds, Ashton dicks the fuck out of the kid’s happy hole. Summers fucks like a champion, surprising Ross with every well aimed thrust. He goes from slow and steady to hard and heavy and Kyle just can’t take it anymore! He cums a tsunami of pure white pleasure all over himself.

Not willing to let this incredible fantasy end, he tells Ashton to KEEP ON GOING! That’s music to Ashton’s ears and the Summers slam continues! Ross keeps on getting railed while covered in his own sweet semen before switching it up and climbing on top for a raw ride. Ashton slams his hot, hard hog up into the boy’s butt as he spreads Kyle open. Amazingly, Ross cums AGAIN, this time all over his crush and that spectacular six-pack! Summer’s loves the kid’s heat covering his muscles and let’s Ross know he’s about to blow.

Kyle puts his pretty face in the line of fire, getting a hot shot of nut in the eye…. and all over his beautiful fuck me boy face. He isn’t letting one delicious drop of his crushes cum go to waste, so he sucks it straight from the source, causing Summers to convulse with waves of pure pleasure which shows off that perfect physique. The boys TRULY “crushed” this fuck fest! Don’t Miss it!

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  1. I LOVE Ashton!

  2. Well, what’s there to say; another of Kyle’s scorching, intense and mind-numbing scenes, and Ashton held up his end of the performance. To say this was stimulating would be a gross understatement and proves just how good a scene can be with two incredible models are coupled with a Director, camera guys, lighting, sound and editing that are the best ever seen in porn. Totally amazing!

  3. Ashton’s body is SO fucking perfect. I want him to go through Helix’s entire family of stars, defiling, or being defiled by, each of them, one after the other. I think it would literally break Helix’s servers. I think it would do for their subscriptions what “Game of Thrones” does for HBO every time it starts up. And I want DVDs devoted to Ashton’s exploits with the Helix team. With him on the cover, of course–I bet they’d sell more units of those than they have in years.

    Where is Ashton with Tyler Hill? Where is Ashton with Max Carter? Surely Evan Parker needs a turn with Ashton. Get Grayson Lange back again for a scene with Ashton! Blake Mitchell and Ashton! Joey Mills and Ashton, again! Wes Campbell and Ashton! Will Logan Cross come back for Ashton? Hell, I bet Casey Tanner would come out of retirement for Ashton (pretty please???) It’s too bad Sean Ford lost a chance to have a scene with Ashton, twice–at CB and at Helix.

    In short, more Ashton. Ashton, Ashton, Ashton! And yes, I’m completely serious!

  4. One more thing: do porn scenes have wardrobe people? Because I’d like to thank whoever put Ashton in that perfectly tight slightly off-white shirt at the beginning. The way it showed off his biceps, and stretched over his meaty pecs, nipples proudly showing through, was almost hotter than him shirtless. I wish it had been damp with sweat, though–a little transparency would’ve been even better. Next time let his scene partner spend some time stripping off his shirt and licking & kissing his superhero-quality torso!

  5. Scott to all your suggestions

    Yes Yes and YES ?

    yes Helix has a wardrobe dept and they do tend to pay attention to that detail, but my take on Ashton Summers he knows what accentuates his look and muscle.

    “I wish it had been damp with sweat, though–a little transparency would’ve been even better. Next time let his scene partner spend some time stripping off his shirt and licking & kissing his superhero-quality torso!”

    I will let Casey know about this!

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