Landon Vega and Garrett Graves…A Helix Flip-Fuck!

Garrett Graves and Landon Vega are up in this very revealing Q and A session of #AskHelix followed by a flip-fuck with Garret for one finally allowed to show his normally top role (on Chaturbate). From the questions asked and answered I love Garretts favorite show as a kid was The Teletubbies, so Falwell was right, Teletubbies make you Gay! Thank you Jesus for that! The answers are fun but the part of AskHelix that involves Twitter users asking for the boys to do something before the scene results in just one request being made. Garrett kisses Landons neck and that really gets this scene going and soon both have forgotten all about Twitter!

Our #Helix series is BACK with a vengeance! Landon Vega and Garrett Graves answer ALL the questions you guys ask via Twitter. What makes this series spicy and so special is that it’s you, the fans who are in control and our Helix hotties NEVER hold back! This go round the questions range from what happens behind the scenes of a porn shoot, to the boy’s favorite tv shows as kids, and of COURSE dirty questions like would the boys be into a D.P. scene, AND if they prefer long or thick dicks.

The guys answer this and more with a LOT of T.M.I, which is exactly what we like! After the boy are boned up by your super kinky queries, they’re ready for your dick-torial directions! Every lick, suck, and raunchy request you ask is acted out for your pleasure. And, by the looks of Landon and Garrett’s granite hard dicks you’ve done a delicious job!

They enjoy your directions JUST as much as they enjoying every inch of one another. After a hearty round of hard cock sucking, Garrett goes IN on Landon’s beautiful, hungry hole. His bronze bubble is spread, licked and fingered while his huge hammer is given the attention it deserves. Turnaround is fair play, and Garret’s perfectly smooth, pink pucker wants Landon’s loving licks as well.

He gets that and a WHOLE lot more up his hot little hole as Vega stuffs the lad with his big bareback cock. Graves returns the favor with a flip flop fuck that’ll make your dick drip. Holding Landon by the throat, Graves gets on top and rides the boy’s beautiful boner till his cock covers Landon to his neck in hot white nut. Vega pulls out and blasts all over the boy’s cheeks, then sticks his cream covered cock back inside where it’s nice, warm and deliciously wet. Check this new Helix Studios today!

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  1. I liked this. It was two happy, friendly guys doing a friendly flip-fuck; totally enjoyable, well-done in all respects with two great models. It was very Helix-worthy and made my morning. Thanks a bunch:-)

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