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helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-001Wes Campbell and Landon Vega was on my Helix Studios list for most desired future pairing every since I watched Landon and Logan Cross in Raw Booty! Landon has been a whole lot of fun to watch since he arrived at Helix last November and pairing this Latin hottie with “Disney Kid” Wes Campbell was sure to please. This is a #Ask Helix scene so Q & A at the start and both guys are fun to listen to especially the “family and friends” revelations.

The sexual side of this did not  have nearly enough oral unfortunately and Wes is VERY oral as he alludes to in the Q&A but the anal pounding he gives Landon makes up for it with Wes finishing Landon off with a good cum facial!

Sex; 4 1 half stars black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-004The gorgeous guys of Helix always get a ton of questions on twitter and our super popular series #Helix was created to answer them ALL! Two of our freshest young models Wes Campbell and Landon Vega don’t plead the fifth on ANYTHING! They answer every question from “what do you do in your free time” to dirtier more intimate questions like “do you enjoy rimming!”

The boys also take “REQUESTS.” In this go round you wanted to see some spanking. Our boys are more than happy helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-016to oblige. With two of THE hottest asses in the game, watching those tight bunz turn red is absolutely mouth watering! All this gets the boys riled up and by the time they’ve finished answering your questions they are raring to go!

These two cock gobblers devour one another’s dicks and Wes goes IN on Landon’s bountiful young butt! Someone get this guy a bib! Raw and with just his own spit for lube, Campbell crams his cock inside Landon’s loins, working his way inside till balls are slapping! He adds a spank for good measure before picking up the pace and pounding the kid like a jack hammer.

Landon’s gigantic piece is epically hard for the duration as he looks down to watch Wes deliver dick. He pounces on top of Campbell’s cock for a ride and his dick is so long it almost reaches Wes’s mouth! With good aim, he lets loose his latin load all over Wes’s smooth chest; bringing his top to a beautiful boil. Campbell cranks out cum by the bucket and Vega laps it up like a hungry puppy. Absolutely delicious check this latest Helix Studios today!


helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-034helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-038helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-040helix-Landon-Vega-and-Wes-Campbell-044Don’t miss Wes Campbell and Landon Vega only on Helix Studios!


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  1. I really enjoyed every aspect of this scene; one of those that left me warm and fuzzy. Great models………………everything was there. Total winner.

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