Levi Karter Fucks Danny Montero…Cockyboys

A new intense and erotic Cockyboys with some moody night time imagery makes this scene a standout! Danny Montero and Levi Karter would make a short list of the hottest Latin men in Porn the past 5 years! Danny in particular I recall at Staxus the year the site launched he was the total latin twink, now he is gorgeous but has filled out perfectly. This scene features Levi Karters infamous stripper pole which was probably my first public image of him, posting his short video clips before he was famous. Don’t miss this Cockyboys!

Who has a stripper pole in their bedroom?? Levi Karter, of course! On the night after the CockyBoys pool party where he and Danny Montero were reacquainted, they sneak away to Levi’s sultrily red-lit cottage to see the pole… and more. Levi shows off his acrobatic pole skills which has the intended result of turning on both Danny AND Levi. As they sit on the bed Danny then shows HIS favorite skill of making out and after lots of kissing, Danny is making out with Levi’s cock.

Eager to reciprocate, Levi takes off Danny’s speedos and is soon deep-throating him, making the once quiet Danny moan and breathe heavily.

Uninhibited by being in his own space, Levi continues his control by getting Danny on all fours and rimming him into moaning, pleasurable submission. Levi then completes the picture by entering Danny and fucking him deep and hard and unleashing the wildness inside both guys.

Danny has a semi-kinky itch that needs scratching and wants to fucked as he holds on to the stripper pole. Levi obliges and turns into a power top, albeit one with passion whose lips find their way back to Danny’s.

They return to the bed where Levi fucks Danny on his back and their eyes are laser-focused on each other. Levi’s cock finds Danny’s sweet spot and Danny erupts in a cum geyser, visible even as they’re bathed in red light. Levi pulls out and soon shoots his own intensely felt load before he falls forward and smothers Danny with more deeply felt kisses. Welcome to Levi’s world, Danny! Don’t Miss this Cockyboys!

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