Liam Efron rides Orri Aasen Hard! …Bel Ami

This week Liam Efron finds Orri Aasen in the gym working out which is the set-up for this new Bel Ami scene. Now we all have our favorites at Bel Ami and I am just like some of the members there super passionate about my top guys! Well Orri and Liam could read the Prague phone book naked on Cam and I would watch! Thankfully this torrid little scene offers much more! Orri is looking his best here (have you watched his 2 part scenes with Sven Basquiat?) and Liam is his usual sexually insatiable self riding Orri to an explosive cum splash on Aasens chest! This Bel Ami is highly recommended and goes straight into any fans Bust-A-Nut folder!Sex; 4 1 half stars blackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

While it is kind of obvious that bubble butted Orri Aasen spends quite a bit of time in the gym, it is not the usual location that you would expect to find Liam, so we’re not surprised to learn that he is just ‘passing through’ on his way to chat. I’m not sure if we are supposed to show you what goes on while the boys are ‘on break’ during chatting, but we’ll do it anyhow… Since filming this, we ended our exclusive agreement with both boys, so you may see them popping up at other studios as well as here at BelAmi. Even though they are not exclusive anymore, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing them here as well…Check this on Bel Ami today!

Video Preview

Now lick it up off Orri’s chest! \/

Orri busts on Liam!

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