Licked and Dicked;Joey Mills and Luke Wilder…Helix Studios

First Helix Studios scene of the year is another winning video that features local stud Luke Wilder topping SuperTwink Joey Mills in a blistering hot scene! I have noticed just how much Luke loves to rim twink butt and we all know just how much that revs up Joey Mills! Luke is a bisexual hunk of a man who loves to fuck twinks as we have seen previously with his Cole Clair pairing. Helix has  given him their ultra twink, Joey to do with as he wishes! Some of the noises Joey makes here are pure swooning Ecstasy! Highly Recommended!

Sex; 5 Stars Black
Video; 5 Stars Black

From the first moment you can tell Luke is blown away by Joey, breathing him in as the perfect pair lock lips. Joey feels the stud’s swollen muscles bugling under his shirt and gets rid of that real quick! (Thank you Joey!)

Much like the statue of David, this chiseled specimen’s body is a work of art. Mills performs some sexy performance art of his own on Luke’s already rock hard hammer with a wet, warm hummer. Happy and horny, Wilder whips Joey’s jeans off and gets between his legs to taste that famous tripod. Luke’s face glistens with sweat as he works the kid’s giant cock then he plants a kiss on our boy and tells him, “I’m gonna eat your ass.”

He flips Mills onto his tummy and tosses salad like a celebrity chef. We know from past experiences with this hot bi-guy that ass is his favorite meal on a young man and this lusty lick session does not disappoint. Luke asks Joey if he’d like a ride and of course he does; after all, this man is built like a machine!

Luke may be laying on his back but the guy definitely doesn’t stop working! He slams his schlong up into Joey’s trunk hard, filling the air with the sweet sound of balls slapping ass. Mills animal instincts take over so he hops off and gets on all fours to get plowed doggy style. Wilder doesn’t let up, working every muscle in that perfect body to drive dick into the twink.

He slams pretty boy so hard, Mills falls fully onto the bed and Luke just continues cramming his cock into the dream boy. Wilder flips Joey onto his back and we get a gorgeous eyeful of the kid’s beautiful big boner, engorged to it’s full glory. Perfect lover Luke sees the kid is close so he hammers even harder.

Joey wads up every ounce of wet ecstasy he’s been accumulating in his sac during this fantastic fuck and lets it loose, launching a nasty good load from his larger than life love stick. Every chiseled muscle in Luke’s body clenches, even his low hangers hike up to heave out a cock sticky care package that flies unbelievably far landing all over cum lover Joey.

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  1. Luke’s body is one of those things that motivate me to workout in the morning and his three scenes and performances with three of the hottest, solid-twink models in existence turn me green with envy. Joey Mills’ scenes and sheer beauty never fail to leave me boggled and wanting more of him; a fantasy-evoking performance. Thanks Joey and Luke:-)

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