Long Distance;Trevor Laster, Alex Rim…Next Door Studios

Trevor Laster and Alex Rim

Long Distance the newest Next Door Buddies scene caught my eye because of the sexy brunette twock newbie Alex Rim (now known as Alex Riley.) This is the first scene I have watched with Alex and I just assumed he would be bottoming to veteran Muscle jock Trevor Laster..No Alex shows Trevor he is not only a good top he is exceptional, the fucking is aggressive,fast and hard, what an onslaught Trevor endures! Highly Recommended 4.5 Stars Next Door Directed by Cameron Dalile

With his girlfriend so far away and everything up in the air about whether or not she’s going to move back, Alex Rim can’t remember the last time he got any. Buddy Trevor Laster has been wondering how long Alex can hold out, and decides today is the day he’ll make his move, telling Alex there’s a way he can get his rocks off without ‘cheating’ on his girl.

Alex asks how, and Trevor leads him back to the bedroom, stripping him down and wrapping his lips around his cock. Alex’s first impulse is to say no, but Trevor’s mouth feels so good, and it’s been so long, that he decides to say fuck it and see where it leads. Moments later he’s rock hard and pounding Trevor from behind, his dick deep in Trevor’s bareback hole as he tries to hold out and make the most of it. He shows just how hungry he is, fucking Trevor harder and harder until Trevor shoots his load. When Alex pulls out and empties himself onto Trevor’s stomach, he exhales, exasperated. Trevor rubs the cum into his skin as Alex tells him next time they shouldn’t wait so long. Enjoy this Next Door Studios!

Alex RimCheck this Next Door Studios scene today!Trevor Laster

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