Lustful Lads; Julian Bell and Cody Wilson…8teenBoy

Julian Bell is up this week to show 8Teenboys Exclusive Cody Wilson that Blonds really do him best! I have only skimmed thru the streaming video late tonight but this looks like a standout 8Teenboy. Now pardonnemoi while I take a deep dive into watch this scene! (will update Friday)

Julian’s parents aren’t home, so the blond hottie takes full advantage and invites Cody Wilson over to blow off a little steam. We join the boys in Bell’s bedroom already making out like the horny teenagers they are. Cock connoisseur Cody can’t contain his curiosity and kisses his way down to Bell’s bulging undies. He unwraps the pretty package and gives Julian’s junk a perfect pole polishing.

Bell manhandles Cody’s caboose which is clad in sexy black undies before the spry, spunk filled fella straddles blondie’s boyish face to serve him a mouthful of supple young, delicious dick. The little spinner does a 180 and turns this party into a sexy 69 with Bell tongue punching Cody’s cock hungry hole! Wilson is wet and ready for a ride. He climbs on Julian’s jock, naked and naughty and with nothing but nature’s lube.

The bangtastic brunette bad boy quickly gets to bouncing that beautiful booty while moaning for more. Julian jams his schlong up in Cody’s can at top speed before sliding behind his bottom boy for a severely sexy side slam. Bell is feeling dom as fuck with the toy sized twink and maneuvers his perfect play thing towards the edge of the bed with ease. Jack worthy Julian stands firm, pumping pretty boy full of peen as our famous cock cam catches all the ball slapping, ass banging action from underneath. #Glorious!

Wilson wacks his willy till he shoots fresh fuck fuel all the way up to his super smooth chest. Then, Bell pulls out and absolutely DOUSES the little dude with blow after blow of bone butter! Seriously, the boy MUST’VE been saving this load up for weeks! The too cute tan wink winds up COVERED in white hot hump heat, spent and completely content wrapped up in the beautiful blanket of Bell’s naughty nut bust.

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  1. I didn’t see this scene coming. What a pleasant surprise! Anything these two guys do is going to make my day and this was no exception.

    Julian’s value as the consummate porn model is now well-established. While his time as a true twink may be counting down, his beauty as a magnificently handsome, stunningly proportioned young man will carry him years into the future.

    I just knew, from Day One, that Cody Wilson had the right stuff. And, that assessment has proven more than casually accurate. He has the moves, the body and all of it.

    I am looking forward to more scenes by these two models. And, once again; thanks Max.

  2. I agree Julian is going to have a long porn career at Helix Studios after his 8Teenboy days are over. As we have seen with the recent exit of Jared Scott and Dylan Hayes its obvious 8Teenboy has proven to be a great farm team for the big brother site.

    I must add 8Teenboy might surprise alot of people with just how good and intense the sex is with these twinks. They may be younger than the bigger guys but they sure show some ball draining sexual skills!

  3. I love Max Carter, the 8Teenboy director. He’s a beautiful man, absolutely gorgeous, and seems to be a very sweet person. I love him in front of the camera–I think I’ve collected every scene he’s been in for Helix.

    But I’ve noticed that there’s something lacking in the 8Teenboy scenes, even when the guys are hot (and Cody really does it for me). I’m not sure if it’s the lighting, the camera angles, or what, but the scenes don’t live up to the usually amazing work done by Alex Roman and the rest of the main Helix team. They seem a bit more like “regular porn,” instead of the sensual, sexual dream sequences that so many Helix scenes become. It’s not in the performers’ commitment to the scene, just in the way it’s filmed. I hope Max can continue to learn from the best, and that the 8Teenboy scenes can, at some point, match the quality of the Helix ones.

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