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A Trans-Atlantic Hook Up gets captured on Video leave it to Austin Wilde to notice that Brit Orson Dean (top photo) was obviously flirting on Twitter with one of his favorite Guys In Sweatpants models Miller Axton. Orson was also flirting with Armond Rizzo and I really hope someone filmed THAT hookup.

So who is Orson Dean? (if you are still confused he is the furry white dude yes I know many Brits now-days are black) Well he is fairly well known in the UK porn scene, a veteran who has worked with UK porn legends like Kaden Grey and shooting for Eurocreme (Farmboy) and Hard Brit Lads under the name Sonny back in 2010. While he is this incredibly sexual furry Otter today, way back when he was a Twink! I include some photos at the bottom of this post for the curious! Yes some Twinks grow up to be amazing MEN!

The scene here is one of the hottest GiSP scenes this summer with Orson of course already into Miller Axton kind of a given that he would fuck Axton first I was really surpised Orson could handle Millers 9incher! Early highlights the cock sucking,the 69 and especially the rimming first by Miller then later Orson. The two men just devour one another with their tongues before they get to the anal.

Orson slips into Miller first with him on his stomach slam-fucking him into the bed before flipping Miller over and going really deep, fucking Axton till he is panting or ready to come up for air! Perfect time then at 22:47 to have Miller flip Orson on his back, Austin is not exaggerating Orson seems to have some difficulty (screen-grabs) before he relaxes enough to take ALL of Miller. Orson gets super vocal as Miller hits that spot and increases his intensity, then he switches fucks Orson Doggy.

At almost 28 minutes into this 43 min video Miller decides he wants to ride Orson who after that intense fucking is still super hard! Now if you are like me you will have already blown so this is one of those scenes that takes at least 3 jack off sessions to get thru! Riding a hard cock is my favorite position to see in a scene and Millers rigid cock slapping into his tummy while he pistons on Orson just made this scene extra special!

The are not done though with some side by side fucking that has Orson creaming into Miller who spasms into a shuddering orgasm. Miller calls a break and says “I cant stand up I cant go to work” but then I notice my Video Player is showing me we still have six minutes to go. I am thinking behind the scenes video, no Orson taunts Miller into fucking him again which Miller does cumming in his butt. The end of this the guys are sweaty and spent, lets see if you can make it to the end in one session! Check Guys in Sweatpants Today!
Sex; 5 Stars Black Video; 5 Stars Black

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Miller Axton , Orson Dean

I heard these two had been chatting on social media about hooking up, so when I found out Orson was traveling to the States from London, I knew we had to make it happen. All the sexual tension they built up after weeks of sexting was too much because Miller showed up to Orson’s hotel, and they were in bed ripping each other’s clothes off within minutes. They licked and suck every inch of each other before they flip fucked each other all over the bed.

Miller’s 9″ cock was almost too much for Orson at first, but once it was all the way in, Miller pounded his perfect hole real nice. If you can make it until they cum, keep watching because they keep on fucking– that’s how good it is! Simply put: this is hot, passionate, and real fucking at its finest! Check out Guys In Sweatpants today!

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