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A highly anticipated Helix Studios scene stars exclusives Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. This is the 6th scene for Helix that has featured the two together of course 4 were Orgy or Four-way scenes (Party Wave,Breathe,Flower;A Matt Lambert Film and Photo Shoot Foursome) they have just two duo scenes now Mine and Bustin Beach Bums from Lifeguards). Porn aficionados do tend to place a higher priority on duo scenes and have less interest in orgy’s. I am ambivalent some of my favorite scenes are 3 and 4 ways, and the Orgy scenes Party Wave and Breathe are two of the best at Helix Studios.

I will have in depth review on Mine after I watch this scene. FYI this is a scripted scene by Taylor Saracen so while Joey and Blake Mitchell are playing Boyfriends here no they are not in real life so do not fill up my twitter with questions on that score! Joey Mills and Angel Rivera are the currently the “real life” roomies!

Every couple goes through trials and tribulations, including perfect pair Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. After a night on the town, Joey confessed to being unfaithful. Mr. Mitchell has no intention of breaking up, he’d much rather take his frustrations out on the the bad boy’s beautiful body.

Blake orders Joey around like his personal sex slave, making Mills his dick bitch while fucking the shit out of his pretty face. Joey doesn’t want the relationship to end and he’s MORE than willing to do WHATEVER it takes to pay for straying. Blake takes his revenge out on Joey’s junky trunk, ravishing the kid’s rump with a rough, ramming finger while pulling at Mils’ monster sized member and reminding the boy who’s butt this is.

Still angry, Mitchell assaults Joey’s amazing ass, plunging his immense appendage all the way in with no lube. Then, the alpha ass fucker makes Mills mount him and do some severe work bouncing on that big, beautiful bareback bone of his like a porny pogo stick. Blake flips the twink like a pancake and beats his butt like the batter as Mills milks his magnificent member till he blasts his beautifully smooth torso with tons of twink toss.

Blake uncorks his colossal cock and shoots an ample, angry, impressive load, nailing Mills right in the face! Blake plants a kiss on his twink, then reminds the kid, “you’re mine.” After THAT fantastically rough perfect plowing, Joey agrees and wonders why he ever strayed in the first place! Raunchy, rough make up sex is ALWAYS the best. Watch Mine today on Helix Studios!

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  1. William Chervenak

    Oh My. Helix seems to be moving somewhere with scenes like this. Powerful and arousing. Wow. Watched the whole 37 minutes. These guys seem to be stepping up their game. Blake’s shpt seemed to show all his emotions. Kudos to the production. Lighting was perfect. I have to stop now and go watch the scene again.

  2. First, Joey and Blake are two of Helix’s best performers. Joey’s boyish looks and thick cock are a fantastic combination. I loved hearing him moan in pleasure as Blake’s fingers and then cock plunged into his ass.

    So this pairing could have been extraordinary. But…this was not a good scene. It was WAY too dark–the posed photos show much more light than is in the actual video. I get mood lighting–and other Helix scenes have done this well–but this one was just too dark, making things too hard to see or in way too soft focus. Also, the camera positions weren’t the best. All that time Blake spent finger-fucking and spreading Joey’s hole, and there was no close-up. And then, there was no shot of the initial penetration of Blake’s cock, which is unusual for Helix. The audio was much more compelling than the visual in this scene. Finally, I know in real life these are actual people with real bodies, but porn is all about fantasy, and that big red pimple on Joey’s ass should’ve either been covered up, filmed around, or removed digitally (expensive, I know), or the whole scene should’ve been delayed until it was gone. In fact, it appears to be digitally removed in the photos. Just not in the video, where it’s prominent during all the fingering scenes.

    As a subscriber for many years now, I feel that Helix’s big assets in this marketplace are its performers and its high production quality. I feel like in this scene, the performers were up to par, but the production values weren’t. I have great admiration for Alex Roman’s work, and the rest of the Helix production team. But this scene just didn’t live up to their high standards.

    I know Helix rarely re-teams performers, but I’m already wishing for another scene with these two, one with more light and the great camera angles and close-ups usually found in Helix scenes.

  3. I will catch up to this scene Sunday night, I will be able to respond then.

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