Mood Music; Caleb Gray and Sebastian Fox…8Teenboy

Mood Music on 8Teenboy features some more of sexy Caleb Gray strumming his guitar which always gets me in a sensual mood. Who doesn’t love a sexy naked musician? Sebastian Fox is his delectable twink partner this time around. Check this 8Teenboy today!

Secret school boy lovers, Caleb Gray and Sebastian Fox have to hide their teenage lust in the high school halls; but, back at the house, it’s an after school SPECIAL! The pretty puppy lovers completely smitten. Caleb even strums his secret sex partner a tune on his guitar. Fox appreciates the romantic gesture and shows it by playin’ a little skin flute of his own! The smitten school boys taste every inch of each other’s beautiful young bodies like the horny high schoolers they are; and, when the final gooey grade splashed all over Sebastian, it’s defin an A+!

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Caleb for a long time. His kind of boyishness and diversity puts him with the best of the best. And, I can’t say enough about Sebastian. The more I see of him, the more I’m impressed by his slender, athletic body and erotic competence, but I suspect that his humanity, like that of Caleb Gray, goes far beyond those assets. His scenes with Taylor, Trent, Milo and Jack are all scorching hot.

    Pairing Sebastian and Caleb is genius, I think, and the result speaks for itself; this is a truly hot scene.

    I mentioned Jack Phillips above: His last scene was a solo, and a good one. And, he’s done scenes with Chase, Sebastian, Taylor, Trevor (2 scenes, I think) and Dustin. Every fucking one of them was as good as any gay porn I’ve seen in the last half century, better than most.

    Somebody at 8TeenBoy has a gift for selecting models and pairing them in a way that makes for incomparable viewing, and when I ponder who that might be it always comes back to Max Carter.

  2. Caleb Gray has been a favorite of mine ever since he arrived at 8Teenboy just love his sensual intensity. Yes my take is Caleb is one of the best because he is genuine and seems to really love shooting his 8Teenboy scenes!

    He is a sexy musician so that makes him even more irresistible!

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