Morning Mouthful;Riley Finch and Brian Gibson…8teenboy

New 8Teenboy heartthrob Brian Gibson in his second scene flips-fucks and flips again in this hot little scene!

Riley Finch and Brian Gibson are a new couple who can’t keep their hands off each other! Even after an orgasmic all nighter, AND with Riley’s mom coming home any second, these two can’t control their carnal craving! Gibson is hungry for a hot , protein packed piece this morning and starts his day off on his knees getting his fill.

Knowing breakfast is the most important meal of the day, growing boy Finch gorges on Brian’s beefy breakfast sausage, then bends over the sink and serve his man some morning cake. Horny as hell and hungry for more, the raunchy roosters set the kitchen a blaze with a bareback beast of a bang that’s so hot it spreads over into the other room! After christening the entire first floor before noon, the ball slapping breakfast club bursts like a jizz filled jelly donut, coating the pretty pair in sweet, sticky satisfaction. Check this 8Teenboy today!

Oh I am lovin Brians smirk!Flip Back

Check this 8Teenboy today!

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  1. I was eagerly waiting for this! What a nice, really erotic, smoothly evolving scene with two magnificent models. The initial oral in the kitchen was exceedingly hot; there was some real feeling and pleasure displayed in both the kissing and sucking aspects and Brian’s anal work topped off his versatilities. I was especially impressed by Brian’s sexual competence and delicious body and face. I hope Max springs for another plane ticket for him; he’s that good.

    Then, when they moved the action to the couch it was a pleasure to watch that truly beautiful, long, smooth boyhood of Riley’s slide effortlessly into his partners warm hole. This was Riley’s thirteenth scene by my count and his incredible, flexible, adolescent-like body and sexual demeanor seal his status as one of the most attractive and diverse models in the industry. I think pairing him with Brian was a great idea and they seemed to enjoy each other very much.

    This was filmed and so seamlessly put together I just knew it was done without interruptions or pauses; until I noted the times on the clock on the stove. In any event, this was a really super-stimulating, passionately-erotic scene done by two excellent models.

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