Morning Play; Joey Mills and Ben Masters…Helix Studios

This third and last scene from the August Helix Studios shoot in the local mountains caught me by surprise since so much of the fan focus was on Ashton Summers and Joey Mills scene. So a good surprise to see Ben Masters and Joey getting it on in this beautiful sun plashed scene! I love the opening segment with Ben tickling the ivories yet I think everyone has noticed how out of tune that Cabin Piano is, yet we hear enough to know Ben Masters can really play! Wow what talent this guy has ballet and the piano and swallowing  Joey Mills humongous cock orally and anal! Highly Recommended Helix Studios!

Helix News: I am so excited that Ashton Summers signed his Exclusive contract with Helix Studios on Saturday Sept 30th! Kyle Ross not only handled Ashtons paperwork he shot a scene that has instantly become one of the most anticipated by Helix fans! No word on who else is shooting with Ashton on this trip but when you consider new model Gabriel Martin and Landon Vega are in town right now..pick one! (Its Landon) Ashton and Joey shot some B-roll on the infamous Blacks Beach Friday and today Alex Roman has already posted a Twitter clip hinting and asking when will Joey top Ashton in a scene!

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Kyle Ross and Ashton Summers teaser
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Scene Preview Joey Mills and Ben Masters

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Note: Full photo-set was not available Saturday I will add those later Monday.

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  1. Great news about Ashton signing as an exclusive for Helix! This Ben and Joey scene was the first in a few weeks, outside of Ashton’s, that recaptured the Helix magic for me. I feel like they brought in too many new guys too fast, and that rather than a gradual turnover, I felt like all my favorites suddenly vanished and were replaced by a whole new class. Fortunately Ashton will now be one of them 🙂 And now Joey is basically a grizzled Helix veteran! I hope Max Carter can be freed from his 8TeenBoy directorial duties long enough to perform for Helix again–he and Ashton would make a good scene–abs galore!

  2. Scott, Max Carter tells me he plans on shooting more in front of the camera so that’s good news!

    You are very observant yes Helix normally mix’s the newbies with the veteran models. This spring March thru June some behind the scenes drama prevented many newbies from coming in as planned with scenes shot with veterans.

    So what happened? They came into Helix in a sexy boy flood during the summer!
    This Helix class of 2017 was too hot to pass up and allow their escape to other studios.

    Some examples Ben Masters was not planned at all he simply showed up in NYC Pride week and met everyone, they were impressed had him get tested and hired Ben on the spot! Cameron Parks had applied back in March and got caught up in that Helix Pause on new hires, he drove out to San Diego in July showed up at the Helix/WTF party and was hired within the week along with Cole Claire who was supposed to come in almost a year ago!

    Ben Masters,Cameron Parks and Cole Claire are three standouts of the summer who might be seen as extra hires. Jeremy Price,Danny Nelson,Ezra Michaels and Garret Graves went thru the model application process the way Helix normally chooses performers.

    Besides if Helix doesn’t offer Exclusive contracts to every model who comes in for two scenes we see them bounce to other studios quickly. A good example is Xavier Ryan who shot 2 scenes in June and is already at Broke Straight Boys and at MEN.

    Rest assured balance has returned to the Helix universe and everyone I have talked to at the studio understands the importance of mixing the new models with the veterans like on a baseball team 😉

    Hard to think of Joey Mills as a veteran now but he is! 100k followers on Twitter soon and he is the model almost everyone wants to shoot with.

    Some even come into Helix looking to grab him as a boyfriend! (looking at YOU Ashton)

  3. I wasn’t sure Sunday who was shooting a scene with Ashton Summers after Kyle Ross. Helix Studios tweeted Ashton and Landon Monday afternoon!

  4. Joey is turning into a damn good top! Kyle and Landon good choices for Ashton, now add scenes with Jeremy Price and Max Carter! Blonds fucked by Latins so hot to see and so rare in gay porn!

  5. Twitter video worked just fine in Firefox. What are you talking about Willis.

  6. Well good to know Bill now I have a mystery both Firefox browsers one on my laptop and one on my desktop will not display any Twitter content either videos or the Twitter widget in the sidebar.

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