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New 8Teenboy Favorite Milo Harper has a torrid flip-fuck with the ever sexually intense Caleb Gray in My Favorite Gamer. This is Milos 4th scene and I think you will agree he has hit his groove and seems so much more relaxed and into his scenes! Caleb the site veteran with 16 scenes was featured just recently in a sexy shower romp with Ethan Helms. Big Plus here is the oral action from kissing to cock sucking both lads are soon devouring each other! Caleb is always going to be up for a challenge which is what you would call swallowing Milo’s monster cock in the mouth or his butt! No worries Caleb takes it like a champ and is soon riding Milo then he flips and plows Harpers ass! A Very Satisfying 8Teenboy!

Sex; 5 Stars BlackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

My Favorite Gamer

Caleb Gray is glued to his computer and Milo Harper is in need of some attention…… and some ASS! If anyone can get Gray’s attention it’s Milo and his massive meat. After some playful flirting, tickling and lip locking Harper is rock hard. Caleb can’t resist; so, he unzips his buddy’s drawers to find a GIGANTIC tent pitched in Milo’s blue undies. The boy’s both make massive after school snacks from each other’s cocks but Harper gets dessert from Caleb’s cock hungry hole.

Milo beats his mighty meat as he eats the horny hottie’s hole. He teases the kid’s tight tush with his tongue and two fingers before sauntering up behind the boy to serve him the main course of uncut, condom free cock! Harper harpoons his huge hog between Gray’s sweet cheeks then slowly forces his fat phallus deep into his boy’s beautiful booty. Bossy bottom Gray isn’t afraid to say what he wants and, what he wants is to ride his buddy’s horse hung dick. The cowpoke saddles up and hammers his slender hips down on that “D” for the ride of his life.

Cock sure Caleb keeps control when demounting and then TOPPING Harper’s hot hind end! The cocky kid crams his bareback boner straight into Harper’s horny hole and starts pumping Milo sideways making sure his massive member is pushed down to give us a glorious view.

Gray spreads the kid’s legs and continues laying pipe while Harper handles his big business down below. Milo’s nut is starting to heat up and soon the kid’s big rig blows a lavish load past his belly button. Caleb immediately ignites. He jumps up and jams his thick dick at Harper’s pie hole, blasting the kid with a steady stream of fresh cream. Milo laps it up like a pretty puppy, gobbling all the fresh goo he can before Gray goes in for a sticky good kiss.

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  1. Caleb takes it like a champ and continues to please his fans with the scenes and no doubt this is one of the best. He definitely has a big cock himself.

  2. I got up in the wee hours to see this scene, primarily because it was Caleb and Milo. As already stated on Twitter, this scene really had it all when it comes to really heart-stopping, twink porn, starting with two of the most incredibly attractive boy-next-door models anywhere, moving thru the gamut of young-male erotic lusts, culminating in pelvis-to-palate gushes of ejaculate that will amaze the most dedicated of us. Once again I’m so delighted to have an 8TeenBoy subscription.

    One question: What’s written on that yellow “Sticky Note”?

  3. I wondered about the yellow sticky note myself, I think thats Caleb’s laptop (Max would be using a Mac) so likely its his post it note

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