Naptime;Gabe Isaac,Julian Dustin Cook on 8Teenboy!

New on 8Teenboy this week nine inch twink Gabe Isaac in a hot little flip fuck with modelicious Julian Bell and 8Teenboys newest twink Dustin cook made his solo debut.(see bottom of the post)

Julian Bell wakes up with with gargantuan diicked Gabe Isaac in his arms. Talk about waking a sleeping GIANT! Julian gets his knob gobbled by Isaac before Gabe gets up and fucks the pretty blond boy’s face. Watching the little twink TRY to swallow the monster is hot as hell. Then, Gabe just sits back and lets Julian’s family jewels slide up his hot little hole bareback as Bell’s balls slap upwards, hitting the smooth peach of an ass on Isaac.

Julian glides around to sit on Gabe’s face as the big dicked dynamo spreads Bell’s smooth cheeks and fucks the boy’s pink hole with his tongue, all the while blondie is slurping on that super sized schlong. After an incredible ass eating, Julian is ready to take the Titan of teen tube steaks. He bends over the bed for a bareback bang-a-thon that has the blond in a few compromising, cock taking, ass stretching positions.

Gabe grabs the towheaded teen by the neck, then gets grinding HARD causing his beautiful bottom to blow a load clear past his own shoulder and over the bed! Since Julian’s Bell has been rung, Isaac feels free to hose his boy down. He pulls out his beast of a big boner and blasts the blond, covering the kid’s smooth sac before sticking his huge cock back inside once more then planting a kiss on Julian’s angelic face.

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Dustin Cook Solo Session

It doesn’t get FRESHER than nasty young newbie Dustin Cook. Max Carter chats with the adorable jailbait jack off junior who looks like he just stepped off the set of “Saved by the Bell.” (Totally dude) We find out looks can be deceiving! The adorable kid has more than a few kinks and discusses them confidently AND in dirty detail. The boy wonder chats choking, spanking, hair pulling and more, VERY specifically.

He also enjoys being both dom and sub. This scene is all about getting to know our newbie and checking under the hood. He pulls down his colorful undies to show us that big things DO if fact come in small packages! His supple, smooth skin looks untouched and his pretty piece starts extending in excitement from his barely there pubic hair. Carter and Cook both crank some tender care onto the kid’s cock. Not wanting his amazing ass to feel left out, Max instructs the fresh faced lad to turn around. There’s not one hair on this kid’s sweet hole.

Max massages a finger inside while cracking the kids smooth cheeks with some sexy spanks. Cook asks Carter to go even harder; yea, we can expect great things from this one. Revved up, the refreshing raunchy pretty boy is about to bust, and he must’ve been super excited because this orgasm is absolutely volcanic! The kid nearly covers the entire room, splashing seed like a beautifully busted sprinkler before Max pulls on his piece to milk out even more.

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  1. Last spring, when Dewayne and I were having dinner and Gabe and others came in and sat down at a nearby table, my first reaction was that he was a bit young to be in the establishment. Appearances can be deceiving, and Gabe has proven his abilities as a helluva porn model and a real professional…………..wish I’d gotten his autograph then. I’m watching Julian closely; he’s very focused and for a new guy, he’s doing a great job. This was an enjoyable scene, in all respects and I’m looking for more from both.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off Dustin Cook. What a magnificent, boy-next-door type; handsome, perfectly proportioned and I think he has the “right stuff” to be the kind of model that leaves us breathless. Can’t wait to see more of Dustin.

  2. That photo of Gabe’s huge cock straining his underwear up against Julian’s face raised my hopes of a hot underwear moment in the video. Sadly, that moment is only in the photos–Gabe strips off his underwear while standing on his own. What a shame–a few moments of him rubbing that huge monster, bulging in the white undies, all over Julian’s face would have been very hot. I wish these scenes would give us more time to enjoy moments like that before getting completely naked. Foreplay is part of good porn scenes.

  3. …………..and I’m going to add a comment about “Frisky Forest Friends”; Max’s latest posted scene with Alan Davis and Devin Lewis. Those two models alone, more of the 8TeenBoy next-door-kid types could have just sat there and read the scriptures and STILL pegged the meter on the blistering hot eroticism scale. These two staggeringly handsome lads are second to none, and their scene damn near left me without words to describe my appreciation. And, a warm, congratulatory hug to Max and everyone else behind the lens who made sure the lighting, sound, editing, etc were Helix/8TeenBoy perfect.

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