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Ben-Masters-and-Logan-Cross-006New Helix Studios exclusive Ben Masters shows returning fan favorite super bottom Logan Cross his verse topping skills in this 5 star intense scene Naughty Napping! Not much in the way of napping going on here since these two are soon diving into each other! Logan Cross while he has been away trying out and wearing out some top studs at other studios always seems to find his way back to Helix! This is his 40th scene for the San Diego studio!

21 yo Dancer Ben Masters continues to show the early promise in his threesome in NYC with Max Carter and Ben Mitchell. Both Logan and Ben are incredibly sensual here with some deep oral action well before Ben dives into Logan’s insatiable butt! The side by side action in this scene was my favorite before Ben fucks Logan doggie style to a creamy climax! Don’t miss this Helix Studios slam bang scene!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black
Sleeping booty boyfriends Ben Masters wakes up snuggling super sexy Logan Cross. With boys this scorchingly hot, spooning will always lead to forking! These two Helix hotties devour one another with deep, passionate kisses from the moment Ben wakes up with a hard on humping Cross like a horned up high schooler.

Through heavy breathing Masters maneuvers his hands inside Logan’s drawers, getting a hand full of that amazing ass and teasing theBen-Masters-and-Logan-Cross-015 kids hole until Cross can no longer wait to get at Ben’s big fat boner. Logan munches big Ben while Masters eyeballs Logan’s hole, thinking about all the deliciously dirty ways he’s gonna tear that ass UP! He saddles up behind Cross, plants a wet kiss on the kid and shoves his bare cock inside.

Our titanium top reaches down to spread his boy’s perfect peach open to dig even deeper as the pair keep their sultry lip lock in play. Logan gets on all fours, arching his back to show off his amazing asset and gets Ben’s battering ram hard and fast.

Logan is absolutely lost in lovely unbridled lust, he spits on his hand, wets his wang and begs Ben to go even harder. Masters delivers and Cross nuts all over the bed. Ben blasts his beautiful bottom right in the ass with a hefty helping of heavy cream, closing out this scene with a delicious cream pie dessert.

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  1. Great bareback scene. Logan has matured some, and is approaching “manly” hot instead of just “boyish” hot (never lose those moans and groans, Logan!). And Ben is showing great potential as a new breakout Helix star. He shows a confidence that few new performers have, stripping and fingering Logan’s sexy ass almost from the first moment. And there’s also the fact that he reminds me, just a little bit, of Andy Taylor (who I miss terribly!)

    I noticed that the two of them spend a lot of time breathing each other’s air, mouths just an inch or so apart, in addition to lots of kissing. To me, that feels like two guys who are really into each other. And just as I was about to be disappointed at Logan’s wasted cum shot on the bed, we get a real creampie in his hole! I wish the camera had stayed a few more seconds there to let us truly appreciate it, but I guess the boys were ready to cuddle.

    The only thing that could’ve improved this scene might have been a little more attention paid to the non-mouth, cock, or ass parts of their two gorgeous bodies. I think sometimes today’s porn scenes forget that guys are also attracted to lots of other real estate on a man’s body. But that’s a minor complaint on one of Helix’s best scenes this summer.

  2. Oh I miss Andy Taylor AND Kody Knight, well I do see them fairly often and both look good as ever!

    I agree would love to just see some full body tongue licking top of the head to the feet!

  3. Logan, definitely has matured and looks fantastic.

  4. Yes he has been good to see him on some other sites for the variety. I think his Helix videos are some of the best!

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