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Mark Wilson President of Great Atlantic Media has a new web hosting and web management platform that is designed specifically for Adult Web Sites. New Bloggers on a limited budget to experienced mid size or  large Adult Porn sites you have a new Adult Friendly knowledgeable web hosting service and management service.

In business since 1998 Great Atlantic Media is the platform,host and webmaster behind over 50 popular Adult Sites including Marc Dylan Brent Corrigan, Jason Sechrest, Pierre Fitch ,, GorgeousBoys Online Entertainment Network, and of course DeWayne in San Diego.

I have been in the blogging biz for about 6 years now and I still consider myself a learning to walk newbie. I am proud of my association with Mark Wilson who I consider a friend and mentor in this buisness. Yes that is a disclaimer, but I defy anyone to find a better Adult Friendly hosting platform and Web Management service!

Great Atlantic Media

Press Release;

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Great Atlantic Media
PRESS RELEASE November 27, 2011
simple solutions for complex connections
New Web Services Now Made Available For All Owners of Adult Websites
Great Atlantic Media GroupCYBERSPACE – Great Atlantic Media Group , a virtual web management provider, has announced it’s once private “by invitation only” services are now available to the public with the launch of a new web hosting and web management platform that is designed specifically for adult web sites. Great Atlantic Media’s once Private-SIP (Secure Isolated Platform) web services are now available for any adult site looking for a hosting environment that has been specially optimized for them.

The company has spent more than 12 years specializing in partnering with and providing top-of-the-line hosting, website design and website management for a few choice and elite web entities. This can be seen in popular sites presented by Brent Corrigan, Jason Sechrest, Pierre Fitch ,, GorgeousBoys Online Entertainment Network, as well as nearly 50 other popular brands.

Traditionally, most hosting companies, even if they don’t completely ban adult content, offer only a generic focus in their product lineup. Mark Wilson, Hostmaster of Great Atlantic Media, believes his company’s platform can enhance the adult website owner’s experience by offering an affordable, easy to use and superior web management service.

When asked about what sets Great Atlantic Media apart from other hosting companies, Wilson said “The hosting marketplace is not adult content friendly. Sometimes the unfriendliness is presented as a moral choice (see what Matt Heaton, President of Blue Host writes about his hosting company’s banning of adult content) and more often the unfavorable view toward hosting adult content is centered around the vast technology resources often demanded by the adult site”.

Great Atlantic Media Group Wilson went on to point out that the adult website owner doesn’t usually enjoy the expectation where they get ‘more for less’ from web hosts who seemingly offer unlimited resources for a small price. This disparity can be attributed to the fact that a typical porn website is a resource hog. Seeing how that adult content is primarily scores of large sized digital images and lengthy video it takes insurmountable resources for a host to offer this type of service affordably. Great Atlantic Media promises to give the adult website owner a whole different web experience by offering comprehensive, affordable and personalized client service. Wilson believes this so strongly that he provides his personal guarantee that clients will be satisfied or they will get their money back.

A little background for the uninitiated: start-ups or very small blogs can enjoy superior service for less than $8.00 per month. Larger and more popular traffic websites can enjoy robust and blazing fast services for as low as $80.00 per month.

If you need a website designed or a complete overhaul of your existing site, rock bottom pricing for hot designs start as low $300 per site.

Great Atlantic Media GroupThe Webmaster On-Demand Managed Services is what Great Atlantic Media considers its flagship service. Having your very own webmaster on-demand provides the best of both worlds. Clients enjoy the support of an experienced webmaster and web marketing professional. This service provides the luxury of having a webmaster, on-demand, to manage all of those daily updates and changes, integrate new pages with content or perform crucial backups. The true value of this service is that it allows the client to focus their time and energy on their business and not on their website.

Other popular services include an email service which combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform by allowing you to seamlessly create beautifully designed emails or Newsletters that can be sent to your contacts, affiliates and subscribers as frequently as you like. You can even track the progress of an email campaign in real time to gauge its success!

Great Atlantic Media offers such a wide-range of services that as Mark Wilson says, “It’s a lot to remember, I know, and I understand it can be a bit overwhelming. I would be happy to give you my personal attention and show you how Great Atlantic Media can be your closest partner in your business venture on the World Wide Web. Our motto is, ‘Simple Solutions for Complex Connections’.

More information is available at the totally revamped and newly provisioned,



Founded in 1998, Great Atlantic Media has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and its data center operations are co-located in San Diego and Anaheim, California enabling it to access Tier-1 backbone providers which in turn reaches more customers in more places than ever before. Of course, reach is meaningless without relevance. This is why Great Atlantic Media is focused on delivering data, video and managed services through their unique technical platform and a team who fully understands the adult market.

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