New 8Teenboy Carson Peters and Sebastian Fox / Sneak Peek Keagan Case!

Carson gets his anal initiation into 8Teenboy!

In Carson the Cutie  opposites attract as brunette bone slinger Sebastian Fox christens 8Teenboys newest the fair skinned, blond bottom boi 18 year old Carson Peters.

A faithful reader dm’d me on twitter yesterday asking if Helix had any new 8Teenboys waiting to make a debut. Well little did I know blond cutie Carson Peters would sneak in with no advance behind the scenes teasers! Not only Carson but see below for the NEWEST of the new 8Teenboys, Keagan Case! Unlike Carson, Keagan is on Twitter!

Cock hungry Carson straddles sexy Sebastian in a tantric teen make out session that has the pretty pair peeling off their clothes. Peters can feel Fox’s thick stick through his tight jeans and quickly strips the dude down to devour every inch of that dick. He downs the boy’s meaty member and receives a lusty lesson in deep throating when Sebastian grabs him by the hair and works his face like a fleshjack.

But Fox isn’t finished owning the newbie! He stands up, orders the boy to take off his pants; then, he plows his little pink pucker with a tongue fucking you won’t soon forget! Keeping the blond on all fours, Sebastian saddles up behind him, smacks his hole with his hefty hammer, then stuffs his butt slut full of his big beast. Liking the feel of power, top twink Fox orders his bottom around the bed and splits his alabaster ass with stiff strokes from his giant Johnson.

After an epic shot of Fox’s fine ass flexing and fucking cock into the boy, he plants a kiss on Carson and busts, seeding his butt buddy’s entire crotch with fresh cum. His pulsing piece plasters Peters’ balls and taint with a hefty coating of twink toss. It drips down thick, heading for the heat of blondie’s hot little hole. Check this 8Teenboy today!

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Newbie alert!  Tonight Ashton Bates and Trevor Harris started teasing the appearance of Keagan Case the newest Twink on 8Teenboy. His first scene will be
with Brian Gibson!

And at Fremont Street \/

Ashtin Bates,Max Carter,Aiden Garcia,Brian Gibson and Keagan CaseAt the pool this evening with Tristan Adler (who is shooting with Andy Taylor today)

Jacob Hansen,Ashtin Bates,Tristan Adler and Keagan CaseBack to Carson the Cutie

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  1. do you think Brian will get “transferred” to Helix ?
    he is wearing a helix shirt .. and no 8teenboy one

  2. He has the build for it I see that eventually

    But the t-shirts you might notice Helix models like Travis Stevens wearing blue 8teenboy shirts and several 8teenboys wearing Helix shirts

    I think that’s sly commentary from the models on maybe extracurricular activities

    Afterall Helix model Jacob Hansen and 8Teenboy model Trevor Harris live together

    And Ashtin Bates has probably done half the 8teenboys (jk but not much)

  3. or maybe they just help each other for promoting both companies.

    Jacob & Trever living together ? did not know that – more than fuckbuddies. .??

    and Ashton yes.. he looks more rough but also have the same fetish like me – cumeating

  4. The scene by Sebastian and Carson was enchanting and erotic, made more-so by Carson’s new-guy shyness. I think Sebastian was the ideal partner for Carson; he’s an experienced veteran performer, in addition to being a real stunner in the beauty department. And Carson’s physical attributes are at the same level. I’m having uncontrolled fantasies of Carson being paired with Trent Olsen: Two blond, bespectacled, slender, smooth, naked teens, locked in a sperm-smeared, diaphoretic embrace………….I need a cold shower.

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