No Hesitation; Cole Claire and Aiden Garcia…Helix Studio’s

The photos of Cole Claire’s pants aground his ankles, with his Converse on while getting fucked by Aiden Garcia so grabbed my attention I had to leave Taco Tuesday EARLY to rush home! Helix Studios director Alex Roman remembered my shoe fetish! I expected this to be a hot scene since Cole loves big cock and Aiden sure is packing one! Cole shows some slurping good oral attention to Aidens cock before he gets a standing fuck against the window.

My favorite position has to be on the bed with Coles pants and shoes still on. But before fucking Cole, Aiden shows us how much he loves to rim Twink boi hole! When he slips his cock in Cole’s butt it looks completely natural he would have left the boys pants on! Aiden gives Cole long pounding strokes to get Cole to bust, then the Hot Colombian gives his spent boy a s creamy messy facial! Highly Recommended Helix Studios!

Sex; 4 1 half stars black
Video; 4 1 half stars black

Cole Claire has one of the hottest little bubble butts in the biz and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Aiden Garcia and his extra large latin love lance! The caramel colored cock god wraps his entire being up in Cole’s kiss before turning the tight bodied twink around and getting right to that ASS! Aiden let’s his carnal desires completely take over and he lays that big, beefy bareback boner deep down into Claire’s hungry hole the minute it winks at him.

Claire is super hot, horny and absolutely helpless against his baby arm’s charms as he cocks the kid without mercy. The bubble bootied beauty nearly climbs the wall he’s slammed against as Aiden lays into him. The sticky climax finds freshly fucked Cole covered in cum as both bad boys open their raunchy reservoirs for this slamtastic celebration of the cock heavy quickie!

Screen Captures

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My Favorite photo!

The Creamy Facial Finish \/


  1. It’s virtually impossible to overstate just how good this scene is. The video work by Casey and Alex captured the perfection and intensity of Cole and Aiden, and the scene left me delightfully stimulated, and I don’t stimulate easily. While, sadly, I don’t share Dewayne’s shoe fetish, my happy place was reached when the shoes, socks, underwear and blue jeans hit the floor, followed by Cole’s magnificent puddle of cum. Then came (literally) Aiden’s delicious seed, most of which was pumped into Cole’s eager mouth. Great finish, great Models and I loved every minute of it.

  2. I posted a comment earlier but it didn’t appear. Normally, I’d just move on, but this was such an outstanding scene that I’ll try again. Everything came together and Cole and Aiden turned out a stunner. Even though I don’t share Dewayne’s shoe fetish, the half-clothed (wearing shoes with his underwear and blue jeans pulled down around his ankles) Cole took it like a man, then really caught my interest when the duds came off and hit the floor, and Aiden ravaged Cole ’til his load was puddled on his abs. Then Aiden fed his seed to Cole who gladly gulped nearly all of it. Five stars:-)

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