Open Invitation; A 8Teenboy Three-way!

A new Threesome with 3 of 8Teenboys most intensely sexual Twinks Dustin Cook and Adam Hunt joined with new exciting find and 8Teenboy Exclusive Ethan Helms was sure to get me off.. err meet with my approval! The setup here is straight forward and really how a lot of threesomes start (if you have 2 gay boys and one brings home a date) Dustin and Ethan come home while Adam is on his phone on the couch.

He hesitates for a few minutes before curiosity takes over and he peeks around the door. We have some good rimming Ethan munching on Dustin before Adam comes in then the fucking is “enthusiastic” looks like they were all into this. Adam has an explosive cum shot before he gets an Ethan facial and Dustin coats Adams tummy in cum! Best way to end a 3 way!

Sex; 5 Stars Black No complaints enthusiastic,sensual and plenty of change ups with a cum filled finish!
Video; 4 1 half stars black I do have a quibble about the close-up lighting, its a bit dim. Wide and medium shots are fine. I do understand circumstances this was an early Las Vegas shoot and not the usual house (Max and Kyles) that Director Max Carter shoots in. Lighting in almost all 8Teenboy scenes is not an issue.

Young puppy lust is in the air when Dustin Cook brings home a tasty young trick in the form of absolutely edible Ethan Helms. They breeze by Dustin’s roommate Adam Hunt looking engrossed with his phone on the couch and head for Cook’s bedroom to get some cock! After a little tonsil hockey, Dustin unwraps Ethan’s giant package and gets to suckin’ his big baby arm. Dustin’s dick could use a good licking as well and he isn’t shy about shoving his dick in Helms’ hungry hog sucker. (ed note; HOG SUCKER anyone ever heard of this term for a butt?)

Cook’s curious if Ethan’s ass is just as amazing as the front of him and he’s more than happy to TASTE that it is. After a thorough ass eating, Cook crams his bareback boner inside Helms’ hot hole and hammers the hell out of him while holding his slender hips. Just then, Dustin’s dick hungry roomie appears at the door and the doggy style duo invite him to join. Adam happily enters the room AND Ethan’s mouth with his beautiful blond boy boner.

Dustin dishes out a dirty demand for Hunt to hop on Helms’ humongous hog. Adam saddles up and swallows every thick, bareback inch up his ass. Cook cocks the kid’s mouth while Adam bounces on bone, bending down to help suck Dustin’s dick every now and then. After an especially hot roommate make out, Hunt wants some housemate meat up his hole and Dustin does his boy’s butt right. He sucks face with Ethan as Adam munches on his elephant trunk sized torpedo.

Adam’s senses are on overload and he needs a release. He quickens his cock strokes and busts a nasty nut all over his sexy six pack as Dustin’s D is still firmly fucking him. Ethan is next to unload and he picks Adam’s pretty face to do it. Helms’ opens the valve on his huge hose and splashes Adam with a mighty amount of sticky mung. Adam sucks every ounce of milk from the massive member then rubs the big rig all over his pretty face. The sexy sight gets Cook’s cock squirting and he launches his load like a rocket, blasting past his freshly fucked roommate’s head and clear off the bed! The satisfied threesome collapse onto one another, kissing and sliding around in their liquid lust.

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