Blake,Joey,Brad,Aiden;Photoshoot Foursome…Helix Studios

hx118_scene24_1600.1484766260Photoshoot-Foursome-001The latest Helix Studios video is one of the BEST Four-ways I have watched, this past year has had so many to choose from. Featuring Four of the best Helix Stars Blake Mitchell,Brad Chase,Joey Mills and Aidan Garcia this scene opens with one of the hottest photo sessions ever with the camera panning left to right as the guys strip down. The shots of Blake,Joey and Brad were made into Advertising banners which have been all over twitter in C13BiFdW8AEa2RJrecent weeks, so anticipation for this scene has been building.

After the photos all four hop on the bed and its clear they are eager to get started, the very natural sexaul attraction makes for some tender and passionate kisses and oral action. Blake dives into Brad first with Aiden giving Joey some serious tongue action on his butt. Blake then switches over to plug Joey while Aiden takes his turn with Brad.

The hottest switchup makes this one of Joey Mills best as he climbs on Blakes monster cock and is soon riding the pogo stick taking Mitchell deep and hard the result is one of Joey’s most explosive cums shots all over Blakes abs! Watching Aiden give Brad a hard fuck in the same frame makes this a keeper and sure to be made into many gif’s! Aiden gives Brad a pounding ass cum shot as he explodes add his creampie then moments later Blake erupting all over Joey and this scene is well near perfect! Highly Recommended Helix Studios!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Part of being a Helix Studios star is doing gorgeous photo shoots. It’s also a LOT of fun watching FOUR of the most beautiful models, Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Aiden Garcia and Joey Mills clown around together posing naked while they look their best! The last shot of the day just happens to be the four boys in a bed together….. naked.

What could possibly happen? EVERYTHING! Naturally ALL the guys start getting hard so we kept the cameras rolling just for you! The guys trade partners, kisses and cocks; tasting every inch each gorgeous guy has to offer. Top man Mitchell is in his glory with TWO tight twink asses in his face. At one point the guys get in a sexy circle, each connected dick or ass to mouth and it is so magically delicious you can almost taste their sweet sweat.

Being the most notoriously aggressive top, Blake bangs ass first. Blasting his big boner bare and deep inside Brad. The other two have a front row seat but instead of popcorn they munch each other as they watch some epic fucking. That visual, sound and smell of such a sexy sight in front of young testosterone filled fellas forces their pheromones to fuck too!

Now it’s a party! The fierce foursome share each other like good young boys should. There’s a ton of tube steak and no boy leaves feeling hungry. Every hole is licked and filled with giant joysticks. The foursome finish on and IN each other; pulling out to show us some yummy cream pies. The cherry on top though is when jailbait Joey Mills tosses his twink filling on Blake while he’s riding him. Then, ALWAYS one to “top that” Blake pulls out & shoots an EPIC load that skyrockets all the way up Joey’s beautiful butt, then drips slowly back down. A perfect grande finale. Check this new Helix Studios fourgy today!

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  1. I took a break in my home remodeling project to check the Helix site, thinking that this scene was simply a photoshoot. Much to my surprise it is vastly more than that, and I completely agree with Dewayne’s opine that this is about the best Helix foursome EVER.

    Blake Mitchell never fails to entertain and stimulate, even though as I’ve said before, I tend to think of myself as virtually stun-proof when it comes to porn models. His orgasmic reactions at the end of this scene lend credence to the “best foursome” label.

    Joey Mills, every time I watch his work, leaves me absolutely amazed at his incredible beauty, sexual intensity and competence, not to mention his ease in front of the camera. He’s desktop picture-worthy.

    The natural ability and professional focus of Brad Chase make him one of the best of the best when it comes to porn models. He makes it all look easy, coupling his ability with one of the best bodies to ever leave me warm and fuzzy. Gold star model.

    I think the first time I saw Aiden Garcia was like two or three years ago in a BoyCrush scene with Kyler Moss, then he disappeared from my view. It was a good scene, a bit long, but Aiden’s staying power caught my attention. Seeing him working with Helix is refreshing; he’s a smoking hot young man, with a sexual ability and passion that have moved him very near the top of my favorite model list. His kind of talent is what keeps my subscription active.

    My thanks and compliments to Alex and Casey (even though I rarely see him), and all the other behind-the-camera folks that make scenes like this memorable, and I’ll include Keith Miller in my expression of gratitude.

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