Pornstar dies while being arrested (video update) …

DustinMichaels1Dustin Michaels a Panama Beach Florida Gay Pornstar who has appeared in several gay web sites in 2009 choked to death on a baggie of Marijuana while being arrested (and Tased) by Bay County(Florida) Sheriff’s deputies early Friday morning.

When I read this on Mark Adams VideoView I thought the story was a sick joke!

Pornstar chokes trying to hide evidence in a raid, days after he posted pix of his Marijuana stash ready for bagging and distribution on TwitPic! Camera crews from MTV’s Tru Life were on hand to record the sordid ending!

No this is all TRUE LIFE and the unfortunate demise of Dustin Michael’s in Police custody is all too common in “real life”!

What makes Dustin Michaels end resonate with followers of Gay Porn, he was on Twitter and was well known in Gay porn circles having recently worked for’s Naked Kombat (very good BTW) and South Florida’s CircleJerkBoys,BrokeStraightBoys and RVD Films (source Mark Adams)

Dustin had an on and off relationship with retired Pornstar Giovanni Summers,they posted some hot Xtube videos,and the breakup produced some Twitter fireworks early this spring.

(EDIT) Video from South Florida News (Warning this is disturbing)

I do listen to feedback from my readers no matter the method you use to contact me, I have decided to remove the video originally posted here. It is available at Gay Porn Gossip,Towleroad and

Just this past weekend I was surprised to see Dustin post the Twitpic (below) of a table full of marijuana,ready for bagging. Titled “Oregano” he posted this Dec 7th. I noted at the time in a DM this was not a wise move since it is well known Law Enforcement is on the Social Nets beat! He removed the photo the next day, but I believe Andrew was already under surveillance in Panama Beach.


A very sad end and so unnecessary! A Tru Life Ending!

Suspect dies while in BCSO custody

23-year-old man stuffed baggie of pot in his mouth during arrest, authorities say
December 11, 2009 10:58:00 AM
S. BRADY CALHOUN / News Herald Writer

PANAMA CITY BEACH — A man who was tased by Bay County Sheriff’s deputies choked to death on a “large bag of marijuana,” sheriff’s officials said Friday morning. Part of the incident was caught on video recordings.

AndrewGrandeAuthorities said Andrew Grande, 23, of 219 Placido Place, was running away from deputies at the Executive Inn on Front Beach Road after they responded to a physical disturbance there about 2 a.m. Friday. The deputies made contact with Crystal Amber Cronnon, 22, of 103 Dana Way, who identified Grande as the person who assaulted her. Officials said Cronnon is a friend of Grande’s and that the two had argued while Cronnon was driving in the area. Grande pushed her several times and then got out of the car near the Executive Inn, officials said.

A man, who identified himself as Cronnon’s father at the home on Dana Way, said she no longer lived there and would not talk to the media about the incident. He described her as very distraught.

Attempts to contact Grande’s family were not successful Friday.

When deputies confronted Grande, they were able to place a handcuff on his wrist, and during the struggle they observed Grande attempting to place something in his mouth.

The recordings

The rest of the incident is caught on two video recordings for Tru TV and on a sheriff’s dashboard camera. A three-person crew was riding with deputies during the incident and caught most of it. The Sheriff’s Office released the recordings Friday. Tru TV officials did not return calls seeking comment.

One of the recordings opens with a deputy shouting, “Spit it out.”

The recording shows Grande on the ground while three deputies hold him down.

He is wheezing.

One of the Bay County Sheriff’s deputies is heard talking by radio with a dispatcher.

“He swallowed something,” the deputy says. Grande tries, desperately, to talk. The deputies have Grande’s right hand behind his back. He attempts to get up.

Deputies tell him to stop resisting or they will tase him, but he gets to his feet. They tase him and he immediately rips the stun gun’s prongs out of his chest.

He falls to the ground. While seated, he puts his hand in his mouth and down his throat in what appears to be an attempt to vomit. When that does not succeed, Grande slaps his hand against the concrete and then both of his hands against his chest.

“I can’t breathe,” he says. “I can’t breathe.”

The deputies perform the Heimlich maneuver, but they cannot get the object out of his throat.

“Let us help you, man,” one of them shouts. “Hang in there.”

The cause of death

After emergency medical technicians arrived, they removed the bag of marijuana from his throat with forceps, officials said. Grande was taken to Bay Medical Center and pronounced dead at the hospital, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. An autopsy was performed Friday afternoon and the preliminary cause of death is asphyxia due to obstruction of the airway by a foreign material, officials said.

Bay County Sheriff’s officials said three deputies were involved in the incident, Sgt. Billy Byrd, Deputy Rick Williams and Deputy David Higgins.

At a press conference Friday afternoon, Sheriff Frank McKeithen said he felt bad for Grande’s family and for the deputies involved.

“These guys watched this person die and there was absolutely nothing they could do about it,” McKeithen said.

He said the deputies did not realize at first that Grande was choking and they initially believed he was overdosing. McKeithen said Grande likely only faced misdemeanor charges if he had just complied with the deputies.

“It could have been handled by compliance,” McKeithen said. “It pretty much ended up with him taking his own life.”

Officials said Grande had a minor criminal history, including arrests for battery and trespassing.

The deputies have been placed on administrative leave, and McKeithen has asked Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the incident. Both of those actions are common after a death that involves a deputy. None of the deputies have been reprimanded in their history with the Sheriff’s Office, McKeithen added.


Dustin Michaels



Titled "Assuming the position"

Titled "Assuming the position"

Posted this past weekend (Dec 6th)


Dustin Michaels and Giovanni Summers


  1. well my goodness that wasn’t a smart thing to do….sad way to drop dead. What is odd that even if the airway was blocked the couldn’t Heimlich it out or bring him back. Must have just been his time to go

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  3. Chuck Baer that is such a horrible thing to say. Some People. If this is true may the MAN in HEAVEN keep and BLESS HIS FAMILY.

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  5. OK, granted that swallowing/trying to swallow the bag was a dumb mistake on Dustin/Andrew’s part (and who among us DIDN’T make dumb mistakes in our early 20s???), the Sheriff’s comment that “It pretty much ended up with him taking his own life” has GOT to be the dumbest comment I’ve seen in a while. Even if one thinks that the cops acted correctly, Andrew’s death was a tragic accident and even the implication of suicide is way out of line! If that’s the best ‘explanation’ that Sheriff McKeithen can offer, he would be wiser to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  6. Dewayne that video is sick and disturbing cant believe we just watched a man die! Why was it on the 11 aclock news now on all the blogs and webs?

    We so callous as a people we just dont care anymore?

  7. I decided to remove the video, I still think there is a purpose there, we need to know how such things happen. I do understand some of Andrews friends are very upset and that was my ultimate consideration in removing the video clip.

  8. The video showcases the shame of our US policy of a war on drug users! This was a tragic, avoidable death and we are witness to this tragedy which makes me feel responsible to demand drug policy reform and legalization of marijuana at the federal level. His “dumb” choice to swallow that bag of pot was motivated by so many real life fears-the fear of a possible felony (the sheriff can say now, after he died it would be a minor charge but what if he lived?), the fear of going to jail and all the fucked up things that can happen inside, the fear of having a criminal record for possession of a substance that is the “moral” equivalent to coffee or alcohol or tobacco. My heart goes out to his friends and family for their loss. I hope his death will not be in vein, and that for those of us who watched the video and said, “oh my god” that we are motivated to push and vote for reform.

  9. I agree cant imagine a Dustin dying in Amsterdam or some other “enlightened” nation! All because of a dime bag and antiquated reactionary laws.

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