Practice; Luke Wilder tops Marcell Tykes

DO not miss Fridays update on Helix Studios with jock Luke Wilder topping Marcell Tykes! This is a must see scene and not often we see a White Jock fucking a gorgeous Black twink. Next to rare I would say! More on this tomorrow!

Marcell Tykes and Luke Wilder are super close roommates, so close in fact that Luke is the first person Marcell came out to. Tonight Tykes has his first gay date so Luke gives him the third degree, prepping him with peppery questions and igniting some sparks between the two roomies who are about to get a WHOLE lot closer. After some serious flirting, Luke and his leading man good looks literally sweep Tykes off his feet and he offers him a hard cock to practice on before his date.

Marcell is on his knees in an instant and even though the kid is a relatively new cock sucker, he downs Luke’s delicious dick balls deep! Wilder wraps Marcell in his muscular arms for a raunchy romantic make out and as their clothes drop to the floor we’re gifted with a glorious view thanks to a fully mirrored wall. Wilder waxes poetic on Marcell’s meat before whipping the beautiful, tight bodied boy around to get at that amazing trained dancer’s derriere.

Tykes braces himself against the mirror as Luke slides his bareback beast inside that smooth brown booty. Wilder fucks the kid ferociously then slows it to a sensual pace at points, his perfect piece propelled by his beautifully chiseled body and rock hard rear end. Keeping it spicy, Luke lays his roomie down on the coffee table and cocks the kid spread eagle while Marcell’s bangin’ body flexes and ripples along with the fantastic fuck. Wilder wails wang at the boy and as the coffee table creeks, Tykes takes to heavy breathing and blows a white hot load that glistens against his buttery brown skin. The sexy site sets

Wilder a blaze and he erupts like a volcano, launching a lusty load of lava that grazes Marcell’s pretty face and keeps blasting past it, landing all the way on the couch! Spent and satisfied, Luke leans in to kiss his boy from the mouth on down south, tasting their sexy, salty seed mixture in the porny process. Check this Helix Studios scene today on a 3 Day Trial!

Check out Luke Wilder and Marcell Tykes today on Helix Studios

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  1. This was an excellent scene, technically, and my jury is still out on the jock/twink concept. That Luke is a brutally handsome young man and his status as a fantastic model goes unquestioned. I could watch him all day. But what really made this scene for me was the end of my 100-day wait to see Marcell again. Marcell Tykes is one of the very few twink models that exist on that very narrow plateau at the top of the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to young male magnificence. I’ll spare the readers from listening to me rant about what I think of Marcell’s attributes and talents, but I’ll say that my greatest interests lie with him being paired with the world’s best on 8TeenBoy.

    That said, Luke and Marcell did a truly wonderful scene that was worth waiting for and brightened the day; gets the Sonlover seal of approval.

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