Raw Rapture; Tristan Adler in his Helix Studios debut tops Zach Letoa

Fan and member favorite Tristan Adler makes his long overdue Helix Studios debut topping recent dreamy Samoan arrival Zach Letoa in a most satisfying scene with a great topping performance by Tristan! This is an all sex scene with no opening dialog and starts with some good sensual kissing before Tristan shows just how good his dick sucking skills are. Zach is no slouch when he gets his chance slurping up Tristans dick, the oral and rimming first half of this scene had me getting off before the anal started Just a little something about how good Tristan Adlers  is with those rimming skills!

While I know many think of Tristan as a bottom at 8Teenboy in his private life he claims to be a versatile top. He is one of the handful of verse models good at both roles, Adler can be submissive and dominating his doggy pounding of Zach shows just how strong this budding twock has become! Tristan takes full charge and deep dicks the sexy Samoan in a scene that compares favorably to Letoa’s two earlier Helix scenes! This is a HIGHLY recommended Helix Scene! Sex; 4 1 half stars blackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

Overcome with red hot, raw, cock hungry lust, Tristan Adler and Zach Letoa lay into one another hard as hell from the jump! The brunette bone bangers tear off one another’s clothes while tasting each other with deep kisses as they grope at their engorged groins. Thirsty throat master, Tristan bows before Letoa’s large, looming loin; then, he crams the perfectly curved cock all the way down his throat, nuzzling Letoa’s nut filled nads at the base.

Zach returns the favor, deep throating the sexed up slut’s swollen schlong like an expertly trained sword swallower. With an ass like Letoa’s around, Adler’s appetite for ass is absolutely on fire! He quenches that hot hunger by burying his pretty face in his guy’s super smooth, wide open back seat. After eating his full, he takes Letoa on a top tier fuck tour, tearing up the hottie’s hole hard, just the way Letoa likes it.

Adler absolutely assassinates the dude’s donk, spanking the cock boy’s cakes like it’s his birthday as he packs his present deep. The final stop on the torrid tour is a raunchy ride and Zach thanks his hard hitting top by gifting him with a more than generous amount of glorious goo, absolutely COVERING Tristan’s torso with a TON of hot twink toss. The warm nut on his chest sends sticky signals to the top’s titanic down below. He pulls that bangin’ cock candle out and lights his lad’s ass up with a gorgeous glazing. Dont Miss this Helix Studios scene!

Don’t Miss Raw Rapture on Helix Studios!

New on Helix Studios DVD Breakin in Starring Zach Taylor and Sean Ford!


  1. Zach Letoa is a beautiful addition to Helix and its wonderful Tristan has been ‘moved up’ to Helix. He more than proved himself at 8teenboy and it was a great choice to pair Zach and Tristan together for Tristan’s Helix debut. Looking forward to great scenes ahead from both of these handsome guys!

  2. Yes this was a great first scene at Helix for Tristan and Zach has become a favorite!

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