Rental Crush;Markie More,Grayson Lange…Next Door Raw

Released today on  Next Door Raw we see the long awaited pairing of Muscle Jock extraordinaire Markie Moore and Super Twink Grayson Lange! I am going to be super biased about this scene, I had a hand in getting Grayson and Next Door Director Tucker Scott properly introduced back in June so I have been WAITING for this! How is it? Only one of Grayson Lange’s best scenes as Markie just tears this boy up! You will love the opening verbal interplay between gruff and rough Markie,,Be jealous here Grasyon was obviously in Twink (or was that Jock Heaven)!

I asked on twitter why don’t we see more Muscle Jocks like Markie More topping Twinks like Grayson? Is porn attraction an alien concept at so many studios? Or maybe they just don’t care anymore. Well not at Next Door Studios where Tucker does try to pair performers who are actually into each and like the sex not just the paycheck! Markie has never looked so shredded and hot, he has been one of my favorite Jocks for some time now! Grayson of course is the perfect brunette Twink who very obviously here is in Jock Heaven!

When Markie More booked his beach rental, he was looking for a nice, relaxing get-away, and figured the sun and the sand would do the trick. What he didn’t count on was that the rental agent’s son, Grayson Lange, would be stalking his every move, but when he hears the sound of his door opening and closing, Markie has a pretty good idea who is breaking in.

Catching Grayson spying in the hallway, Markie tells him he can either rat him out and get his money back, or that he can just fuck Grayson’s little ass hard. Grayson smiles at choice B, and that’s the one Markie decides to pursue, as they kiss hard in the hallway before Markie shoves Grayson’s head down to his waist. Grayson takes the cue and does the rest, removing Markie’s shorts and downing his cock in one gulp, deep throating him as he begins to play with his hole.

Markie grows hungry to have at Grayson, so he pulls him up and spins around, pushing him up against a wall and dropping to his knees to get a close look at Grayson’s ass, tonguing the intruder’s hole as he continues to stroke himself hard. Ready to fuck, Markie stands up and lifts Grayson into his arms, setting him down on his hard cock and fucking him raw against the wall.

He pounds Grayson in the hallway before the move to the bedroom, where Grayson mounts Markie and gives him a ride. Markie lets Grayson bounce on his cock to his heart’s content, and when Grayson has had his fill, Markie flips him onto his back and fucks the cum out him. Grayson spits his load onto his stomach as Markie gets closer and closer to busting his nut. He fucks Grayson hard and cums deep inside him, pulling his dick out and letting the cum spill out of Grayson in a messy conclusion to an eventful day. Some vacation indeed! Enjoy this Next Door Raw!

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THAT is one hot impalement!

I am SO Looking forward to this scene!


  1. This is a fucking great scene! My first thought is that the power dynamic here reminds me of the original Brent Corrigan/Brent Everett scene in Schoolboy Crush. But there are important differences–Grayson has a more defined body than Brent C did in those days, and Markie is more muscular than Brent E.

    What makes this scene stand out from so many other jock/twink pairings is that Markie doesn’t just bend Grayson over and use him as a fucktoy. There’s obvious mutual attraction here. After Grayson worships Markie’s body, Markie spends a long time licking and swallowing Grayson’s cock and balls, eating out his ass, and, during kisses, licking his neck and ears. Causing Grayson to make that sexy, satisfied face that is so fucking hot.

    There’s something about Grayson–some combination of his thin but defined body and cute face (and so sexy armpits) that exudes SEX in a way that reminds me of Sean Ford and almost no one else. I wish his ass had been shaved for the scene, but that’s really my only complaint.

  2. What a great scene! The power dynamic at the beginning reminds me a lot of the famous Brent Corrigan/Brent Everett scene from “Schoolboy Crush”, although both Grayson and Markie have better builds than their counterparts did. And this scene is bareback, too.

    What I liked about this jock/twink scene is that after Grayson worships Markie’s body, Markie returns the favor, spending time kissing Grayson’s neck, sucking his cock, and eating out his hole. In so many jock/twink scenes, the jock just bends over the twink and uses him like a fucktoy. The attraction between these two (both ways) was obvious, and it elevated the scene tremendously.

    Grayson has a combination of schoolboy-like charm and skinny-but-toned body that makes him sexy in every scene he does (and I’m a big fan of the hairy armpits!). Although I would’ve enjoyed this scene more if he’d shaved his hole the way he normally does.

    I’m looking forward to whatever Grayson does next, although I hope he hasn’t left Helix for good–I think the Helix team has some of the best production, lighting, and cinematography in the business, on this side of the Atlantic at least.

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