REVIEW: Teen Pleasure with Tristan Adler and Jimmy Andrews on 8Teenboy

Teen Pleasure the new 8Teenboy is one of my favorite sex scenes in recent weeks. Two of the sites best performers brunette Tristan Adler and curly blond Jimmy Andrews are finally paired in a 5 star intense tour de force! Tristan is a gregarious gorgeous sexy twink while blond Jimmy is quieter but get him revved up and well Jimmy literally steams up those glasses he wears! I was in Las Vegas when this scene was filmed and they were both excited how this would be received by members, they KNEW it was a hot and intense experience!

Lets discuss the skills on display here, first Tristan is an oral master sucking on Jimmys rock hard cock to the point Andrews is squirming and moaning. Jimmy is so revved up he NEEDS to fuck the lad! But wait these two LOVE to wind up their partners and Jimmy shows Tristan what really makes him standout at Helix! Jimmy Andrews is one of the BEST Rimming artists! I Love watching him dive into twink ass and drive them wild with his tongue!

We get a good long rimming session too with Jimmy turning Tristan into a bucking whimpering mess! This scene is almost perfectly balanced between the intense oral pleasuring and the fucking that starts at the halfway mark. YES the Fucking, Jimmy revved up is one of the hardest pounding athletic twinks on 8Teenboy only Jared Scott rivals him!He lays into Tristan with a sensual intensity with this glazed “in the zone” look of pure lust, reacting to Tristans moans just revs Jimmy up to slam fuck him harder!

Tristan can be aggressive too when he climbs on Jimmy’s cock to ride him he slams his ass down the shaft repeatedly with a wild passion for filling his ass! This is when I noticed Andrews glasses were fogging up, at this point it gets really loud with a pistoning Tristan determined to milk Jimmys cock with his butt! Andrews just lays back and endures the onslaught on his shaft! By 25:35 Jimmy looks ready to burst inside the bucking Tristan.

Tristan has another idea..just at the peak intensity for Andrews Tristan hops off and flips Jimmy over onto his back to fuck HIM hard! Both guys rock hard Jimmy looks almost pleading staring up at Tristan as he slam fucks the cum out of him! Tristan busts an instant later and both sweatly athletic twinks are completely exhausted! Highly Recommended 5 star 8TEENBOY! Best of the BEST!

Note:Kudos to Max Carter on the excellent camera work and getting those angles! Shout out as well to Editor A.J.Soria for the really sharp,tight editing!

Sex; 5 Stars Black
Video; 5 Stars Black

Screen Captures

Dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews is cruising for cock on his phone when tasty twink Tristan Adler opens his bedroom door without knocking. He realizes the hunt is over and what he’s been aching for has been at the house the entire time. Andrews cuts to the chase and blurts out “you wanna suck my dick?”

Tristan is on that thick stick in a New York minute, masterfully working Jimmy’s giant Johnson. Andrews is starving for some schlong himself and gorges on Tristan’s tally-whacker like he’s at a Vegas “all you can eat” buffet. The best buffets always include dessert, and at this chow down, Adler’s ass is on the menu. After eating his fill, the dirty blond gets dirtier (in the best way,) sauntering up behind Tristan’s tush then smashing his big bareback battering ram inside Adler’s beautiful, smooth booty. Giant jocked Jimmy puts a ton of turbo into tenderizing the twink’s tight teen tush.

He hammers the hottie so hard, he needs to catch his breath and lays back on the bed like a boss. Tristan takes the hot hint AND the reigns by hopping on Jimmy’s raw rig for a raunchy good ride. He slams his smooth sphincter down on Andrews’ weapon of ass-destruction like an alley cat in heat. After seeing how much fun Tristan is having, Andrews decides he needs a taste of his own medicine. Tristan takes his top duties seriously and slams the hell out of Andrews’ amazing ass!

The slim slammer serves up some serious pent up aggression on Andrews’ ass like a beast as Jimmy jacks his giant jock. Tristan is definitely putting the perfect amount of torque is every hard thrust because he quickly causes Jimmy’s cock to overflow in ecstasy and cum splashes out onto his tight torso. Adler isn’t far behind and he soaks the sexed up slut with white hot nut, covering our dirty blond’s deliciously drained dick with a healthy helping of dude juice!

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  1. I too was visiting in Las Vegas when this was filmed and tried to lure Dewayne away from the Helix mansion for dinner. That attempt failed, and I can see why. This was one of those scenes, thanks to Tristan and Jimmy, that make Helix what it is.

    The oral performances pretty much left me catatonic, and watching Tristan repeatedly almost totally ingest Jimmy’s really excellent endowment left me thinking that the scene couldn’t maintain this level of stimulation, but I was mistaken. This was also anal perfection personified and it left me expecting that double internal cumshots were going to happen; but, alas, that’s not the way it ended. The culmination was spoonsful of ejaculate slathering Jimmy’s lower abdomen and erogenous zones. Amazing work and my only regret is that those two loads went to waste rather than feeding one of those starving models.

    And yes, Max and A. J. Soria did a really great job, and whoever that is on the boom mike, really got close at one point and I could almost hear the hearts beating.

    Scorching hot models and off-the-scale porn perfection. Thanks, all of you

  2. Wow such a hot scene, One of Jimmy’s and Tristan’s best scenes 🙂

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