Sea Sex and Sun Episode 1…French Twinks

So French Twinks rented a boat for some Sexy Summer Shenanigans expect to see some sun splashed sexy Lads in the weeks to come! Episode 1 of Sea,Sex and Sun is live now. Now personally I would have titled this Mer, Sexe et Soleil and let everyone translate.

In my opinion Paul Delay is the whole reason to risk sea sickness and get on this boat! The sexy curly haired twink is my favorite!

Over a summer weekend, favorite couple Doryann Marguet and Paul Delay are the boat captain and skipper. The two boys have every intention to enjoy their summer job and fuck a maximum number of twinks and so their potential clients are rigorously selected according to their carnal desires. Today it’s young Erwan Lamour who discovers the joys of sailing and exploring the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera) with the sexed up crew!

Erwan Lamour (Twitter) Doryann Marguet (Twitter)

Between bathing and idleness in the sun Erwan enjoys this day to relax and while he is tanning he naturally slips a hand in his swimwear. Paul and Doryann kiss each other while watching their young client with some naughty ideas in mind. Paul will then join Erwan to apply sunscreen and his expert caresses will quickly turn the twink hot. Erwan finds himself naked, lying under the sun and Paul’s hands crossing his beardless body, sliding gently to his cock..

While Paul is jacking off and sucking Erwan he throws complicit glances at Doryann who begins to masturbate in turn in the cockpit. The heat rises and the three boys suck each other on the deck, then Doryann eats Paul’s ass before penetrating him. Paul stifles his cries by sucking Erwan while Doryann is pounding his ass. It’s then to the young guest is to taste the know-how of the captain who will fuck his little tight hole until he explodes with pleasure. Erwan takes turns Doryann and Paul ejaculations before ending up in the water. Check out French Twinks today at 25% Off or on a 2.95 Trial!

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