Summer Fun;Sean Ford and Troy Accola…Cockyboys

Dog days of summer begin with the Fourth of July Holiday and Cockyboys rolls out a big gun of a scene with Sean Ford flip-fucking with Troy Accola. The highlight personally would have to be Sean riding Troy but come on Troy can give as good as Sean and he does! So a very satisfying pairing here and torrid sun splashed flip-fuck scene!

Troy Accola and Sean Ford enjoying the carefree and often nostalgic joys of summer at Camp CockyBoys which include afternoon naps..and waking up from them in a very special way. Sean finds Troy snoozing on the sun porch and simply can’t resist planting sweet but deliberate kisses on him to wake him up…in more ways than one.

Troy is more than happy with this greeting especially as Sean unzips his shorts and indulges in full oral pleasure with Troy’s cock and balls. While Troy luxuriates in this, he’s also naturally compelled to reciprocate by kissing, undressing and lovingly sucking Sean.

When Sean reaches over to finger Troy’s warm hole deeply, it ignites Troy’s even more passionate cocksucking and gives Sean ideas for his next move. And he spells it out by whispering to Troy “I wanna fuck you so bad”. First though he lies Troy down to thoroughly rim his smooth hole and tease him with his cock. This excites both of them so much Sean eases right in to fucking Troy deep. Sean is totally into topping Troy but it’s also totally natural for him to want Troy to be insode him.And so they easily switch roles.

Troy orally lubes up Sean with some targeted rimming and soon Sean is sitting on his cock riding him so deep in a cowboy and reverse cowboy that Troy’s big cock is barely visible. Sean & Troy get so into this position that Troy is on the edge, BUT he wants to cum with Sean inside him!

So Sean fucks Troy on his back almost in full control when he strokes Troy’s cock. Soon Troy pumps out a thick load as Sean thrusts into him. Seconds later Sean sits between Troy’s legs and with a little balls massaging from Troy, he cums on his abs. They rest in each other’s arms grateful for their time together today…and likely for the rest of the summer. Check this scene out on Cockyboys!

Video Preview NOTE: I truly could not decide so here is the Trailer AND…

..the longer 5 minute tube clip.

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