Secret Admirer; Tristan Adler and Trevor Harris on 8Teenboy

Tristan Adler and Trevor Harris get their first pairing on 8Teenboy, I am surprised it took this long for both site veterans! Taylor Saracen writes a cute story about Tristan having a secret admirer who is revealed to be Trevor. The story works because these two have never shot before this scene. Julian Bell and new 8Teenboy model Paxton Ward round out the non-sexual roles.Kudo’s to Max Carter for the excellent videography and the choice of movie in the opening segment! I half expected Tristan to start doing running commentary AKA MST3K!

Tristan Adler is hanging out with his porn star buddies at Trevor Harris’ house. For weeks now, he’s been telling his boys about a secret admirer texting him from anonymous numbers to send him to places and pick up little love gifts for himself around town. When the night finally winds down and Adler is in his car, he receives a text from Trevor he’s left something back inside.

Trevor comes clean, admitting he’s Trevor’s mystery admirer much to Adler’s delight. Tristen tosses his arms around the tall, dark and handsome hottie and the two twinks head to the bedroom to finally quench weeks of erotic anticipation. Adler gets on his knees and unwraps Harris’ huge package to deliver a deep throat thruster of a hummer!

The dude downs dick like a cock crazed cannibal, mashing his pretty mouth all the way down to the base of the boy’s bone hard “D.” A horned up Harris then teases the object of his affection over his briefs before deep diving onto the dick of his dreams. He bobs up and down on the boy’s bone before tossing Tristan’s legs in the air and eating that amazing ass of his.

Adler squeals with magnificent means of pleasure letting Harris know it’s time to up the ante and fuck the hottie’s hungry hole. Trevor slaps his helmet against the boy’s button then, blasts his beefy bareback bone all the way home, hitting Tristan’s tender good g-spot as the the two take turns tugging on his tallywacker. Adler’s ample appendage is in need for some ass as well; so, he slips Trevor’s tush some tube steak, using his bulky bubble butt muscled to propel his hole digger deep.

Adler’s ass misses Trevor’s mighty meat so, the tight bodied twink’s switch once more. Harris slides behind his boy and slips his schlong back where it belongs with the boys on their side, giving us a glorious view of both boy’s undercarriage. Harris pumps pretty boy’s pucker till he fucks the cum from his fat phallus. Trevor unplugs his perfect piece and plasters Tristan’s taint, balls and booty with buckets of bust. The not so secret admirer kisses the erotic object of his affection and then, wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day. Check this 8Teenboy!

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