Skater Fuck on Club Jeremy Hall

I missed this a week ago, there was a glitch in my email then I noticed a certain buzz devloping about this new Club Jeremy Hall scene. You know when any porn video from an Gay Porn Website gets some twittering going that is has to be good! Or stars a certain new porn star who has had some very unfortunate legal trouble.

Say what you will about that,the truth is Greg AKA Jake Lyons ( at right) is over the top sexual, one of the most intense bottom boys I have seen in Gay Porn in a couple of years! Hey there are a lot of good bottoms in Gay Porn, very few GREAT ONES!

Whats it take? An absolute enjoyment of the act and being capable of working your top into a frenzy! Phillipe Delvaux has it so does Andy O’Neal now add Jake Lyon AKA Greg to that select club!

I met Preston while visiting Key West in December. I found him hanging out in the lobby of my hotel with a couple of his buddies. They were carrying skateboards and were just hanging out. All of his friends were adorable but seemed to be pretty straight. I struck up a conversation with all three of them. I told them about CJH and even brought up my site on the computer in the hotel lobby. Preston contacted me later that day. There was real chemistry between these two. You can tell Preston enjoys fucking ass and Greg loves taking dick. This is the first time I”ve ever seen someone cum out of their ass! I know it sounds impossible but I saw it with my own eyes! He cums out of his ass hole? Seriously!

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