Sky Clesi Tops Richie West…Broke Straight Boys

Two strawberry blonds in this Broke Straight Boys with veteran Twink Richie West getting plugged by cute newbie Sky Clesi. Richie West is just completing one full year at Broke Straight Boys he debuted April 2018!

Sky Clesi and Richie West are taking things nice and slow in the bedroom, really working each other over with their tongues and mouths as they kiss deeply, dropping their clothes and lying on the bed. Richie captures Sky’s cock between his soft lips, licking and sucking as Sky gets harder on his tongue, that dick nice and firm as Richie pulls his mouth away and Sky gives him head next. On his knees, Sky sucks Richie’s big prick as Richie lies back and opens his ass to Sky and begs for him to finger his fucking hole as he sucks on him.

Sky fills Richie’s ass with his finger before filling it with his cock next, pushing his bareback dick into Richie’s hole and fucking him from behind as Richie takes every inch. Leaning forward, Sky places a few kisses on Richie’s lips as he pounds him from behind, keeping his pace steady as he drives his member in and out of Richie’s tight little ass. As he gives it to him harder and faster, Sky can’t take the pleasure any longer and pulls out to nut, shooting his load and then helping Richie to finish himself off next as he covers the sheets in cum! Do not miss this Broke Straight Boys!

Video Preview (BSB is notoriously slow posting previews so here is Sky Clesi’s first scene topping Benjamin Dover.

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