Snack Attack;Casper Ivarsson, Ron Negba…BoyFun

Good scene for this Tuesday on BoyFun, with the aggressive little top boy Ron Negba bottoming this week to blond twock Casper Ivasrsson! Good change of pace since Ron has likely bottomed more than he has topped in his first year in porn! This is a hot little scene with Ron stroking Casper’s cock with his beautiful fee, I don’t mention that enough, I appreciate how foot friendly BoyFun has become! Both lads have beautiful legs too!

Ron has been an demanding little dynamo top twink the last few scenes so good to see him jump on then ride Casper’s hard cock! The side by side fuck with Negbas spasming orgasm put me over the top and reminds me once again what a super bottom this little sex fiend can be! Excellent Tuesday update!

When twinky star Ron Negba wants something he just goes for it, not that his friend Casper Ivarsson is at all complaining about that when he’s accosted reaching for a snack in the fridge. The boy’s big uncut cock is quickly freed from the confines of his pants, rising up to meet Ron for some sucking. Their BoyFun has only just started, of course, he’s soon being led to the couch where both boys turn up the temperature even more, stripping out of their restrictive clothes to swap their delicious young dongs in a session of mutual cock appreciation.

With the taste of each other on their lips and their smooth twinky bodies naked for exploring sweet Ron reveals what he’s really been craving, sliding his naked little rump down on his pal’s impressive dong. Casper loves the feel of his friend’s warm and tight hole around his cock, reaching to stroke Ron’s hooded shaft while he eases his slim frame up and down in his buddy’s lap. Casper goes deeper when he gets his pal on his back, pausing mid fuck to give his bottom buddy some tasty head before jabbing his bareback length right back in again.

The spooning seems to do the trick for the young man, the prostate-prodding pleasure building up in his rigid cock as their moans of bliss escape their lips, cum leaping from his swollen tip and splashing over his tight stomach. While his ass flexes and throbs around Casper’s dick it’s soon too much for him, too, pulling out and rubbing his length, splashing his own copious boy cream from his cum hole, drenching Ron’s well-worked pucker and slipping his dripping cock back into him. Now that’s a way to work up an appetite! Check this BoyFun today!

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