Snow Blind, Sc.4:Alessandro Katz, Jack Ganley…Staxus

heating-up-17Two of my Favorite Staxus lads the incomparable brunette twink Alessandro Katz (okay Noah Matous comes close) paired here with new athletic twock Jack Ganley in his third and BEST outing to date! This is 5 star sex with Alessandro showing once again why he is Mr.Staxus Versatile Twink something Noah Matous strives to be ( but we all know Noah is a super bottom as are all boys named NOAH right “cough” Noah White) 🙄 Highly Recommended hard fucking of Alessandro on Staxus!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

heating-up-06With snow on the ground and the skiing season at its height, Alessandro Katz savours the simple pleasures of the season – which include, not unnaturally, keeping warm with the help of his boyfriend, Jack Ganley. Suffice it to say that maintaining body temperature in this instance doesn’t necessarily have to include wearing suitable clothing. In fact, what clothes the two lads have on at the start of this erotic encounter soon get stripped away; as they smooch and caress in anticipation of exploring the undeniable bulges that they both have in their pants.

It’s not long, of course, before even their underwear has been vanquished – exposing their thick, meaty cocks in the process. That signals the start of some terrific fellatio from both buddies, as they take it in turns to feast on every inch of meat on offer; before Ganley turns his attention to the moist, hairless pucker that he knows is quivering in anticipation between Katz’s butt-cheeks.

Cue a splendid display of rimming that will appeal to any aficionado of the art; and which eventually leads to the handsome, horny dude sidling up to his mate and thrusting his unsheathed ramrod deep into his guts.

It’s a move that some young lads would almost find too much to take in one shot – but not a cock-slut like Katz, who quite literally opens up like a flower, and proceeds to handle Ganley up to the balls with professional ease. No doubt about it, this is a lad who was born to fuck; and who isn’t happy until Ganley marks his territory by spraying an almost life-enhancing wad of cream all over his expectant face! Check this Staxus Today!

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heating-up-10heating-up-09God look at those Legs!

heating-up-08heating-up-14Don’t miss this Staxus!



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