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Jared Lysander Wanking Solo..HomoEmo

I have not posted HomoEmo in a very long time the site went essentially dormant for awhile but is now back and based on three months of production I can recommend HomoEmo again! Meet Jared Lysander just one of the many new Emo and Twink UK Lads you will be seeing on the new HomoEmo! Jared Lysander is a sexy young guy with a tight and lean bo [...]

Jordan on

Jordan is the typical Montreal Party boy, the kind that excels at finding and luring into the studio to drop trou and jack to a creamy finish. Jordan is the ultimate party boy. He couldn’t attend enough of the kind of parties he liked so he just decided to start organizing his own and he’s a big success at it. Jord [...]

Jackson Skyler..Toegasms

Jackson Skyler..Toegasms
I will always fall for sexy hairy legs,Converse shoes and a hoodie, who cares if Jackson keeps that on while he jacks off on those sexy feet! There is something so laid back sensual about this guy! Only on Toegasms. Jackson comes to us from Ventura Beach, California. This sexy 19 year old has perfect size 13 feet, he stands six foot tall, an [...]

Khalil on

Khalil on
Meet Khalil this week on Khalil is what we like to call the cute, nerdy type. He’s smart, serious and talks about intellectual themes in a deadpan that would make Mr. Spock proud. Though you don’t get to see it in this video, Khalil is super cute in his thick framed glasses. Though he’s currently in renovation w [...]

Kurt Wild..Next Door Male

Kurt Wild..Next Door Male
Kurt Wild has been in porn 5 years since an electrifying and never topped debut on Corbin Fisher. Yet today Kurt remains one of the most alluring,sensual and I dare say controversial men in Gay Porn! Yet Kurt is humble,fiercely loyal to his family and friends, he is a great lover not a fighter. He has always been about providing the best porn [...]

Meet Seth Lyons AKA Seth Fisher (UPDA...

Seth Lyons age 20 (soon to be 21) in March 2008   Seth used to be known as Seth Fisher when he worked in Florida   Seth has been working occasionally in gay porn since he was 18 originally from Pittsburgh,PA he spent time in Florida worked for Cobra Video¬†where he has worked for Helix Studios. ¬†Seth moved to San Diego in 2007, A s [...]
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