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Luis and his

This new Latinboyz is all about Luis the this hairy legged Twink who tops his more muscular bottom bitch. Well what do you expect look at his COCK! This Latinboyz has hot Brazilian Bareback action! Luiz is a horny 21 year old Brazilian that loves to fuck… and fuck… and fuck some more. He likes fucking raw and can cum and still kee [...]

Paulino and


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Paulino from Honduras and Diego (right) our Orange County California multiracial boy may be half a Continent and a world apart culturally or maybe not so different? One thing that’s striking in porn this past decade you notice (because of the web) a real melding of cultural and national identity these guys all grow up watching the same [...]

Pablo and L.X.

Two hot very different looks this week on Pablo is a muscular Mexican jock. And L.X. is a classic Twink. Orientation: Bi – Top Sexual Turn Ons…. “Getting licked, from head to toes, that really turns me on.” Sexual Turn Offs… “Getting fucked. I just can’t get into it. Nationality: [...]

I am in love with Ignacio and he is GAY! From Phoenix! Someone get him a Duo scene STAT! Ignacio recently got a job working for a roofing company because he likes to “pound” things. After looking at his dick I am sure they’re are a lot of people that would like to get hammered by Ignacio. New this week on He t [...]

Adrian ready to lay some pipe..LatinB...

Adrian ready to lay some
Meaning this hot Latin wrestler is packing¬† big fat pipe and looks like he could be laying pipe, meet Adrian on If you have ever had a crush on the guy from your High School’s wrestling team you will love our next model Adri√°n. This hot 21 year old Latino is now on his Junior College’s wrestling team and still love [...]

Joey Hot Ecuadorian Muscle..LatinBoyz...

Joey Hot Ecuadorian
Joey is one smooth hard muscled Latino from Ecuador, 185 lbs 5ft 9” and packing over 9inches of thick meat,new from! ON SEX…Orientation: Bi – Top Sexual Turn Ons…. “Having my balls sucked. I almost like it better than getting my dick sucked..” Sexual Turn Offs… “When someone trys [...]

Tino..One Hot Latin Stud

I featured a photo set with this hot Latin model named Tino about 2 weeks ago in a post for Tom Allen of CoolTomPix sent me this set after he noticed my post and I am happy to share them. One thing I notice about this set Tino is SMILING thru most of the pix which gives you a very different impression than the set on Latinboyz [...]

Angel and Tino..LatinBoyz

Talk about opposites, one (Angel) is the definition of Latino Twink smooth and boy next door. Tino is your rough looking Puerto Rican with piercing eyes and a look that says “You want this cock?” And what a monster he is packing! Two polar opposites today on! Angel * Birthdate: December 2nd Sagittarius * Height: 5 f [...]

Sexy Army lad

One great thing about the military is you get your body in really great shape.’s Matthew is a prime example. He had just been discharged from the Army seven days before this shoot and needed some quick cash when we ran into him at a restaurant where he was applying for a job. He’s bisexual but not very experienced b [...]

Felix Hot smooth Brazilian..Latinboyz...

Felix Hot smooth
Felix is one hot Brazilian Bi-Boy this week on smooth twunkish and completely sexually at ease fucking guys or girls, I suspect the former is his main employment! * Nationality: Brazilian * Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Brazil * Age: 20 * Birthdate: June 4th (Gemini) * Height 5”7″ Weight 140 lbs * Cock: 8 inches uncut O [...]
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