Landon Vega and Wes Campbell…Helix Studios


Wes Campbell and Landon Vega was on my Helix Studios list for most desired future pairing every since I watched Landon and Logan Cross in Raw Booty! Landon has been a whole lot of fun to watch since he arrived at Helix last November and pairing this Latin hottie with “Disney Kid” Wes Campbell was sure to please. This is a #Ask Helix scene so Q & A at the start and both guys are…

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Max Carter,Bastian Hart..Spank This


Bastian Hart sneaks into to steal cash out of Max Carters wallet in this new Spank This on Helix Studios. Big mistake Max loves to spank Bastian’s big round butt in exacting his retribution! Stealing is a very serious offense. This is a lesson that baby-boy Bastian Hart learns the hard way when caught in the act by chiseled Helix stud, Max Carter. From red handed to rosy cheeked, punishment is dealt swift and this…

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Meet Greco Rai..Helix Studios / Greco Pays..Spank This


Not very often a young Twink makes such a hard and fast impression with Helix Studios members weeks before his first scenes arrive. Greco Rai just completed his second shoot at Helix and Monday is when his first Spank This and a Photo-shoot are released. I have a hunch by evening his first action scene will be released. Greco has been on twitter for months well before agreeing to shoot at Helix, he is a…

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Red Buns are BACK! Max Carter Spanks Matt Klein..SPANK This


So forgive me if I am late to this news, Spank This is BACK with Max Carter welcoming Helix Studios newbie Matt Klein to the Studio with a Spanking instead of fucking! Well I hear THAT is coming but the first scene with this hot new Colorado Twink just so happens to be on Spank This which is Helix Studios fetish site and to the uninitiated actually predates the main Studio! If you are a…

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Down to Spank Ian’s Perfect Bubble Butt..Spank This on Helix Studios


The first new Spank This on Helix Studios in many a moon..was posted today and features an eager Ian Levine who has a bubble butt which is one of the wonders of the porn world! So we can ALL be jealous here of Andy Taylor getting a crack at Ian’s ass! Andy Taylor knows when his booty call Ian Levine has been a bad boy and needs some playful punishment. When he takes an evening…

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Getting Over Him;Jamie Sanders,Matthew Keading..Helix Studios


Jamie Sanders and Matthew Keading Two Matthew Keading scenes in one week on Helix Studios? Yes and another 5 star outing with Matt topping Jamie Sanders in this achingly beautiful video. I am sure this will be a longtime member favorite, the romanticism and sensual kissing,oral,rimming and a very rarely seen fucking position makes Getting Over Him a must see 8Teenboy! I will have an extended review later, for now the photos are stunning, the…

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Max Gets Kinky..Spank This


Max Carter captures Christian Rae who finds himself bent over in a dark room. Max is the master of Christian’s tender ass as he spanks him harder and harder. Christians smooth butt becomes red and enflamed after Max’s brutal punishment. Christian is left tied up and bent over when Max if finally satisfied. Starring: Max Carter, Christian Rae only on Spank This Spanking; 1/2 Video; 1/2 (sharp editing here!) Video Preview

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Hayden Clark Spanks Luke Allen..Spank This


Something about this really pushes my buttons. Hayden Clark is such an Alpha Male at Helix Studios and Twinky Luke Allen looks so hot being abused! Check this new Spank This today! Luke Allen sucked today so Coach Hayden Clark punishes the young boy corporal style. After a few swats of the hand Coach brings out the paddle and spanks little Luke’s smooth bum until it’s red hot. Starring: Hayden Clark, Luke Allen Video Preview…

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