Take It; Max Carter, Leo Frost…Helix Studios

Max Carter the newly crowned Best International PornStar at the recent Prowler Europorn awards tops needy bottom Leo Frost in this new standout Helix Studios. Fans of old school Spank This back in the day featuring full on sex encounters after the Spanking warmed up the bottoms butt will love this new scene!

What I loved seeing in Max Carter’s second scene of 2018 is how he proves once again how aggressively he can pound young twinks! This must be the hardest fucking I have seen in a Max video since Noah White 2 years ago!

Leo Frost at times has this pleading glassy eyed look as Max lays that hard cock into him that makes one wonder is he going to cry or break before Max is done with him! Max of course wont quit fucking Leo until he actually bursts in a body wracking orgasm! That is all it takes for Max to explosively drench Leo in his cum then slam his cock back into Leo who looks very exhausted! One of Leo’s best scenes to date on Helix!

Sex; 5 Stars Black
Video; 5 Stars Black

Max Carter’s sinewy body is pure perfection showering as the warm water caresses his chiseled body before dripping down to his swinging cock. His shower is cut short however since his housemate Leo Frost used up all the soap! Don’t worry boys, it’s about to get REAL GOOD! Mad as hell, Max stomps out of the bathroom to take his frustration out on Frost’s fanny till he turns the twink’s beautiful bubble butt beat red!

Leo offers his sexy spanker a blow job to stop the tush torture which Carter gladly accepts then shoves that super schlong down Leo’s thirsty throat. Max still can’t keep his hands off Leo’s little ass, and we can’t blame him, the kid’s can is perfection! Frost knows it too and shows it off by shoving his smooth caboose at Max’s hungry mouth for a super hot ass eating, dick sucking, spanking combo that’ll have your dick dripping! Max’s mouth has Leo’s loins heated and hard and begging for some fuck.

Carter is happy to ease his pain AND ease that beautiful bareback bone of his deep inside the boy’s hot hole. Max shows no mercy and Frost doesn’t WANT any, the kid even begs for MORE spankings along the way! Carter tosses cock into the kid hard as hell at every angle. Leo keeps up with him, riding Carter’s raw rig with passion and slamming that smooth sphincter onto his dude’s delicious dick with a backbreaking, butt banging beat down!

Pretty boy’s prostate can’t take it much longer and he explodes, showering his smooth six pack with a load of hot young seed. Max keeps pummeling the twink’s pucker till he’s ready to roar; then, our dom dick-tator rains down white hot liquid lust ALL over little Leo. Raging hard and wanting more ass, Carter crams his still spurting schlong back up the boy’s tight confines as they seal this slam with a kiss. Do Not Miss this Helix Studios scene!

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  1. Max continues to impress the porn world with his topping skills.
    Most of all Leo shows true pleasure in bottoming.
    That look on his face was captured and he makes a beautiful model.

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