The Return of Andy Taylor

Labor Day Weekend and Helix Studios decides to release the photo-set that marks the return of Helix legend Andy Taylor who will be featured in September in NEW Helix scenes! Andy one of the most stunning,popular and talked about (mostly on social media) stars in Helix History, his career in porn started at several studios in early 2013 (Guys in Sweatpants,BoyCrush,ManRoyale) before he found his greatest success and largest number of scenes (62) as a Helix Exclusive.

After a couple months of rumors and teasers on Twitter, Helix is making this photo set available this weekend and has put out the word Andy Taylor is back with new scenes in September.

My take the Southern Beauty is truly ageless and he has never been shy about his age (his bio on Helix says 22 May 2013) so he is 26 or 27 now and you truly wont believe it!

Welcome Back Andy Taylor!

Get Ready Folks the first scene with Andy Taylor is likely to be with Luke Wilder! And a little bird has told me Andy shot this bareback!


  1. Glad to see Andy Taylor back 🙂 looking forward to his scene and esp it seems he has one with Luke.

  2. OMG, why did this young man leave, he’s so gorgeous and his scenes are amazing. It’s exciting to see him come back to do more adult modeling.

  3. I’m so glad to see Andy back and hope it’s not a long wait for his scenes. Damn, he’s well-preserved for someone his age; he’s more than a third my age!………….attempted humor.

  4. Also, it’s only right that I add to my comment: For those who haven’t seen Andy before, it should be emphasized that he is one of the very few models that have covered the spectrum of gay porn sexuality, profiency and that level of erotic athleticism that leaves us with recurring flashbacks after viewing his performances. When all this is considered and you see a porn model with these attributes, realize that he’s inching past his mid-20s and still has that kind of breathtaking beauty that most have left behind years before, just seeing him at Helix again is a gift beyond value. Welcome back, Andy:-)

  5. Andy was on a short list of Helix stars most fans wanted to see return. (Well Tommy Anders is one but while he looks good I seriously DOUBT that would ever happen) so happy to see Andy back at Helix and I agree Andy is a one of a kind original a true Helix Superstar!

  6. Great to see Andy back! One of Helix’s finest models. Any word on whether Andy and Kody are still dating?

    Thanks for the update Dewayne.

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