The Snake and the Mongoose:Porn Wars 2006

Reference article from September 2006 from Boystowners

The Snake and the Mongoose: Porn Wars 2006

by: Patrick Randall Sep 04th 2006

Porn Star Brent Corrigan“[My boyfriend] introduced me to a lifestyle that wasn’t very fitting of a 16-year-old. He was nothing but the worst influence on me. But I thought this is what gay people did. I didn’t know that most of the gay community isn’t into drugs and being evil to each other; that there is a side of the gay community that actually takes care of each other.” –Brent Corrigan, quoted in GayMonkey, August-September 2006

We can’t think of a single gay male that doesn’t own at least some sort of pornographic item, be it a dvd, magazine, or downloaded material. Some readers might even own their very own porn starlette – A little known fact is that Chicago is quite the hotbed (no pun intended) of twink porn, with literally dozens of Boystown and suburban 18-22 year olds showing off their junk for money.

The porn industry is an odd place; for every genius, there are at least ten dirty old men running a porn company to feed their own lascivious twink fetishes. Cobra Video has long been a producer of highly rated, and well-selling titles, all of the twink variety, and mostly of the bareback flavor.

A fellow by the name of Bryan Kocis owns Cobra Video. We’ve often wondered what kind of credentials pornographers have. In 2001, Kocis was charged with statuatory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault,involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, sexual abuse of children, and unlawful contact or communication with a minor. All of these charges involved a 15 year old boy. (source: The Citizen’s Voice, August 23, 2001).

Eventually Kocis pled guilty to the charge of sexual abuse of children, with the other charges being dropped because prosecutors conceded that Kocis had a valid “mistake of age” defense. (source: The Citizen’s Voice, April 5, 2002) Quite the list of credentials for a pornography producer.

2005 was a rough year for Cobra. Their top-selling model, Brent Corrigan suddenly announced that he was 17 when he performed in four Cobra titles, including a rather awkward double penetration scene. At first, Corrigan’s announcement was greeted with a certain amount of skepticism, and a rather public airing of dirty laundry took place on such sites as the JuicyGoo forums (now defunct) with posts stretching into nearly thousands of responses, and some obvious shills. Corrigan’s four films were pulled (later, two other Cobra titles were withdrawn under similar circumstances) and Cobra responded with legal action.

face123.jpg Corrigan eventually landed on his feet, and put his best…ummm…assets to work for him. He launched his own site, Brent Corrigan Online, and has written a candid and frank accounting of his experiences in child porn on the popular porn commentary site, in addition to his own blog.

Corrigan’s column about life with Cobra is a strange read. One can’t help but feel sympathy for the guy as he’s manipulated into all sorts of unsavory situations. Corrigan and Kocis engaged in what appears to be a mutual relationship at the time they were making videos, even referring to Kocis as a father figure. (source: GayMonkey, August-September 2006) However, it’s often unclear about who was manipulating who, as Corrigan apparently provided false id at the time of one of his shoots, and accepted a car and at least two tropical vacations from/with Kocis. Either way, it’s Corrigan that comes off as the victim, since producing pornography of minors is clearly illegal, and Kocis was responsible for ensuring that he had proper documentation on all of the models.

Now comes the good part. Corrigan and Kocis both have competing “Brent Corrigan” sites, and Corrigan himself recently signed on to perform with porn industry titan, Falcon Video. His first release on Falcon is “The Velvet Mafia”, apparently a thinly veiled parody of Kocis and Cobra, directed by Chi Chi LaRue. Apparently, Cobra has quite a bit of unpublished Corrigan back-catalog material, recorded when Corrigan was of legal age, and the result is a new Cobra production entitled “Take It Like a Bitch Boy”. A seemingly clear response to Corrigan’s new life as a legitimate adult actor, and his escape from Cobra.

Cobra continues to aggressively market the Brent Corrigan name, almost to an embarrassing level. Kocis seems to go way out of his way using such antics as hiring “fans” to approach Corrigan who ask to take a picture with him, and then suddenly flash a Cobra DVD into the shot just as the shutter clicks. Cobra also started giving away Corrigan stills and video clips, apparently to saturate the market and reduce Corrigan’s marketability. Case law exists that establishes the performer’s right to use their own screen name, so it would appear that Corrigan himself has the upper hand.

Some basic assumptions can show how lucrative the Corrigan franchise was for Cobra. (these are just guesses on our part). If we assume that Cobra sold 50,000 copies total of Corrigan’s four under-age films at an average retail cost of $35 each, that’s $1.75 MILLION gross. Let’s assume that 40% of that goes to production costs, distribution and marketing. That puts Cobra’s profit at $700,000 for four titles that can no longer be sold. Cobra now has three Corrigan films on the market and a fourth coming soon, all shot when Corrigan’s age was undisputed. No wonder Kocis is eager to exploit the Corrigan name. In February 2006, Cobra filed a federal lawsuit against Corrigan accusing Corrigan of trademark infringement, breach of contract, violation of California statutes, and other injustices.

Cobra’s actions take quite a bit of guts, since it would seem Kocis is most at risk of arrest for producing and distributing child pornography. Ultimately, we think it’s Corrigan that’s the genius in all of this.

photos courtesy of BrentCorriganOnline

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