The Traditional Way…Helix Studios

Americans Love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Helix Studios has Studly Corbin Colby topping the alluring and controversial Angel Rivera in The Traditional Way. Wait traditional way as in Missionary? Checking this one out tonight, meanwhile its 40% off on Helix Studios this weekend because we Americans sell everything on Cinco de Mayo just like we do on Presidents Day!

Corbin Colby is super devoted to his scaldingly hot Mexican boyfriend Angel Rivera and wants to take his guy out on the town to celebrate Cinco DeMayo. The beautiful bottom boy would MUCH rather celebrate on Corbin’s monster sized member! Colby caters to his cock lover first, servicing Angel’s ample appendage with a super hot hummer. Ravenous Rivera is anxious to gorge on Corbin’s club.

The sultry latin gulps, gags and drools, devouring as much of the epic dick as humanly possible! Angel’s ass is absolutely begging for a banging, but Corbin could use a hot helping of that edible ass first.

Angel seconds the sexy motion and bends over in millisecond! Colby caresses the kid’s can with deep loving licks , darting his pierced tongue in and out as he laps at the latin’s lusty loins.

Cocky Colby eases his beautifully smooth muscle body back on the couch like a boss and tells Angel to “sit on this big cock.” He does, and it is GLORIOUS! Angel inhales every thick inch of dick the top has to offer as Colby spreads Rivera’s beautifully firm bubble butt open with his huge hands to get even deeper.

As Angel is about to dismount and get on all fours he has one request….. “I want you to fuck me, fuck me HARD.” Corbin does NOT disappoint! He dicks the dude DOWN, slamming pretty boy’s pucker with a punishing pounding!

Rivera’s rig remains rock hard the entire fuck, bouncing in time to Mr. Top’s bodacious banging. The fine fucker can’t hold his load any longer and a FLOOD of fresh nut flies from his fat phallus, splattering all over the leather couch. His twitching twink hole brings big boy to the brink. In sync with one another, Rivera knows Colby’s rig is ready to rumble so he gets on his knees to swallow his sweet nasty good nectar. Yummy.

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