Thick and Slick; Corey Marshall Fucks Tyler Hill Raw…Helix Studios

Sure to be a fan favorite golden twock Tyler Hill gets fucked bareback by top jock Corey Marshall in tonight’s Helix Studios Friday Fuck scene!

Studly Corey Marshall lifts golden boy Tyler Hill up and plants a kiss on the young twock, igniting a firestorm of epic porn-portions! Hill amps up the heat with a sultry, slippery massage to a tent pitching Marshall. Tyler can’t help but pulls at the porn prince’s underpants to get at that heated hog.

He ravishes the big rig; then, the pretty pair play tonsil hockey while giving us a wank worthy view of Tyler’s tasty tush and Marshalls pulsating piece pressed together. Corey can’t keep his hands off Hill’s piping hot hiney but he’d MUCH rather have the kid sit on his face. Tyler gives him what he wants and takes the best seat in the house while Marshall waxes that ass with his tongue. While getting that amazing booty eaten, Hill stays busy blowing the boy’s bionic bone.

Our bronze bottom boy spins around and plants his wet, hungry hole down on top jock Marshall’s magnificent monster and gets to grinding. Tyler taste’s Corey’s tongue once more, then spins around to bounce his cock for the cam while getting an ass full of fuck. After the wild ride, cock sure Corey orders his beautiful bottom onto his back so he can pummel pretty boy’s pucker to a perfect porny pulp!

Tyler’s milks his main muscle till it pours pleasure onto his perfect cumplexion. The site of the white hot load against Hill’s beautiful bronze flesh sends Corey’s cock over the edge and Hill offers him the perfect place to unload. Pretty boy gets got right in the kisser! Corey creams the kid’s cock sucker and Hill sucks his schlong dry before the perfect pair seal this slam with a sticky kiss.

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  1. Well, there’s no doubt about that being a 5-star scene. I’ve always been a big fan of Tyler Hill and with every scene he cements his place among the goddamnedest (that’s probably not a word, but I don’t care) models in existence. It comes as no shock that Corey ejaculated halfway thru the scene while Tyler was sucking his magnificent member, but then both boys continued on without missing so much as a stroke. And Tyler took being ravaged like the pro he is until Corey’s thrusts triggered his draining, followed by Corey’s second load being released into Tyler’s mouth and on his cheek.

    This was an exceptionally well done scene by Corey and Tyler and by Alex and Casey. This kind of creative intensity, as I’ve said before, makes my Helix subscription one of my best and least expensive investments in erotic art. Thanks:-)

  2. For me, Tyler Hill is absolutely Helix’s biggest current star. He is spectacular.

    For me, Joey, Angel, and Max all have their charms, and I have a thing for Greyson, and certainly there are lots of Helix models with bigger cocks. But when you combine the best ass in porn, period, with such a handsome face and hunky body, Tyler is the standout by far.

    For me he’s the perfect example of what makes Helix models special–younger guys with gorgeous faces and bodies that fall right in between skinny and bulked-up. (The rest of what makes Helix special is the cinematography and editing, and the way the performers genuinely seem to like each other and aren’t just going through the motions. Oh, and kissing before–and during–fucking!)

  3. Love Tyler Hill so happy he went bareback that made him the perfect sexy Helix boy!

  4. This is above any 5 star scene, The youth of the models and there perfect bodies are ravaging each other in sex.

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