Touch My Meat, Sc.2 Milan Sharp and Mike Cole…Staxus

Mile Cole fills up Milan SharpMilan Sharp is back on Staxus and that means the sexual intensity is way up in this new scene with Mike Cole! Milan an out and proud Gay Boi has been such an important part of Czech porn the past 5 years mostly for Staxus but he has some memorable Bel Ami scenes as well. So much of Czech porn can be robotic and mechanical or as I pointed out years ago as exciting as two energizer bunny toys having.

When Milan Sharp hit the new Staxus website in 2012 he was a break from the old Vlado Iresch Czech Porn of the Eurocreme era. While Vlado had some strong models like Thomas Dyk and Alex Stevens that style of that porn was very staged and unlike the more American sexual naturalism.

Milan and Mike have a good connection here and Mike really seems to go for the rimming of this Czech legends hole, and longtime fans know when properly stimulated Milan is one of the most expressive guys! Highly recommended Staxus!

Given what he surely knows is stuffed inside Milan Sharp’s pants, it’s probably no real wonder that young Mike Cole can’t resist tugging at them when he’s given the opportunity to massage and caress his buddy’s back. Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest, failure on his part to make a beeline for Sharp’s most private quarters would almost certainly rank as some kind of gross negligence! After all, the reputation of Sharp’s cock almost certainly precedes it; and it will certainly come as no surprise to anyone that the schlong is badly engorged and clearly looking for action when Cole finally pulls it from its sweaty home and begins to feast on the hard, delicious flesh.

Of course, it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the young Spaniard is soon slurping away like the complete whore that he is, taking almost every inch down his throat as he does so; whilst Sharp then replicates the move so that the two fellows are soon 69-ing each other side-by-side.

And it’s with this shamelessly egalitarian spirit that the action continues, when the boys finally give in to their ultimate desires and proceed to take it in turns to pound each other’s arses into oblivion. First Cole, who hammers away at his pal’s butt like a demon possessed; then Sharp, who allows his horned-up buddy to ride his dick reverse-cowboy style, before lunging his oversized ramrod into the youngster’s pucker from behind. No fucking wonder that Cole is quickly erupting like a geyser in response; leaving Sharp to wrap things up very nicely by squirting a terrific wad of pent-up boy-batter all over his pal’s sore little butt!

Video Preview (available sometime later in the week)


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