Trevor the Top;Trevor Harris and Lucas Burke…8teenboy

Tonight’s 8Teenboy is a pairing I wanted to see with veteran Trevor Harris on hand to fill up sexy brunette Lucas Burke. Kudos to Burke who gives Trevor’s sizable cock a good long ride! Good sexual energy here as Lucas really expresses what he is feeling taking Trevor’s hard rod. Now we know why so many bottom boys on 8teenboy lust after the Harris cock!

Hot and horny, Lucas Burke and Trevor Harris hurry to the bedroom and quickly shut the door. The boys give into the pretty boy pull, tasting one another’s pouty lips and groping engorging groins. The heated hotties take turns choking down dick before Harris offers Burke a bareback rod ride. Lucas accepts by reaching back, spreading his smooth cheeks and swallowing up every thick inch Harris has to offer.

Trevor tears into Burke’s toned tush, thrusting his thin hips up and hammering his hefty hog hard and deep. Our versatile, big dicked boy is full top in this teen tryst. The sexy schlong slinger takes the raw ramming responsibility super seriously. He bones Burke all over their raunchy red bedspread in several porntastic positions till Lucas’s extra large loin launches a lusty load onto his shredded stomach.

Harris takes his top game to the next level and lays into Burke’s behind like a beast, bangin’ him out till the bed creaks and shakes, and his super schlong is ready to spit. Then, he takes his horse cock in hand and hoses Lucas down with with an extra thick, large load. Lucas milks his mate’s meaty member till every last delicious dick drop rains down onto him. Then, top twink Trevor kisses his cum covered bottom with sweet, spent satisfaction as his long dong hangs, tickling his guy’s freshly fucked hole with an oozy head. Check this 8Teenboy today!

Sure looks TIGHT!

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  1. i like Travor – his hole package – his personality..

    will he ever switch to Helix – he might be more mature , but sure he will be great at Helix, too

  2. I would hope so, Trevor started at Helix transferring to 8teenboy when it launched April 2017

    He would certainly be good on Helix

  3. lol he is really a 8teenboy veteran

  4. .. wow. did not know, he started at Helix . checked this.. and yes is he a ( condom ) veteran – condom scene with Tyler Hill.

  5. yes Helix had a handfull of condom scenes in 2017 they went full on bareback in Jan 2018 (some older scenes were released after that date)

    8Teenboy was bareback all along (post 2016)

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