Troy Accola and Wess Russel Summer Sizzlin…Cockyboys

Blond stud Wess Russel is one of the standout Cockyboys this year and this torrid little in the woods scene with Troy Accola is the perfect outdoor summer sex rutting! Troy I would label the most improved Cockyboy of 2019 with his strong versatility on display in most scenes but alas not here. I will give him credit for riding and taking Wess big cock with super bottom finesse! Kudo’s as well for anyone who has ever had some hot sweaty sex in the great outdoors in July! These stalwart lads must be honored for their blood sacrifice to the Notorious New York Mosquitoes! Highly Recommended Cockyboys! Sex; 5 Stars BlackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

After a restless night camping out Wess Russel & Troy Accola decide to end their trip in a good way with condom-free suck ‘n’ fuck! They make out out and since there’s no one around, their morning wood comes out to play. Troy bends over to suck Wess hungrily but soon Wess makes it easier for him by sitting on a nearby log. There Troy sucks him deep throats him easily.

Wess enjoys this so much he has to reciprocate.Using his mouth and hands Wess pleasures Troy’s cock & balls and begins to assert himself. He quietly but firmly gets Troy up against a tree to eat out his smooth hole, Inturn this makes Troy breathlessly eager to ride Wess’ cock. He slides down on Wess’ thick cock and in no time Wess is back in control fucking him from behind.

After extensive power-topping Wess pulls Troy back to ride his cock and he grips his legs to bounce Troy up and down on his cock. He brings him close to the edge but bends him over to fuck him intensely again and pound the cum out of him. Seconds after Troy’s load flies out, Wess pulls out to deliver a huge load too, some of which glazes Troy’s crack and into his hole by Wess’ cock. They both agree “That’s one way to end a camping trip!” Check this Cockyboys today!

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Check this Cockyboys today!


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