Truck Fuck; Ashtin Bates and Jacob Hansen…Helix Studios

San Diego lad Ashtin Bates makes his Helix Studios debut with Indiana boy Jacob Hansen. Sharp eyed Pornfans will recall some recent Sketchy Sex scenes with Bates who I have been noticing on some of the Helix boys social media in recent months. Ashtin might at first seem an unusual choice for a Helix Exclsuive with his tattoo’s but I think if members give him a chance this verse young man a chance this explosive scene will win them over!. Ashtin is high energy and gives Jacob a good hard deep fucking chock fucking him with his belt! The creamy finish includes a copious orgasm from Jacob then a partial creampie from Ashton which he then slurps up from Hansens boy hole and snowballs into Jacobs waiting tongue! Oh Lordie this reviewer has the vapors! 5 Stars!Sex; 5 Stars BlackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

Good to see Director Alex Roman shooting a scene in his Vintage Nissan truck, been many a year since it was featured in a Helix Scene, way back on November 22 2012 in Tailgate Fuck starring Christian Collins and Jasper Robinson! (Right photo)

Tattooed hottie, Ashtin Bates is outside working under the hood of his truck on a scalding got summer day with his unbuttoned, fuck me boy flannel blowing in the breeze when polar opposite, pretty boy, Jacob Hansen comes around the corner. Hansen attempts to help the gorgeous gear head, but Bates has a better idea. And, the sight of Jacob’s junky trunk bent over his engine is really revving Ashtin’s motor.

He whips the twink’s leather belt off and swats the pretty boy’s backside before planting a sweaty snog on his lips. The crazy hot car jockey tears off his sweat soaked shirt and wraps it around Jacob, and pulls him close as possible. From then on, all bets….. and clothes, are off! The too hot twosome are overcome with dirty desire and down one another’s thick dicks right there in Ashtin’s driveway!

The meaty membered mechanic manhandles Hansen around and bends the boy over the sun cooked hood of his truck, then pushes his pulsing piston in deep. The brunette badass fucks like a machine, blasting his bareback beats into the boy’s butt at top speed. Then, the raunchy road warrior ups the ante, tossing Hansen’s own belt around the boy’s neck and uses it a a lusty leash to dick the dude down in doggy. The cock hard car star orders his fuck boy to the back of the truck and bangs the fuck out of him on the cargo bed!

This is about all Hansen can handle, so he strokes his stick shift till it spits white hot heat onto his tight, tan stomach. Bates bone throbs and thickens inside the slut as he piston pounds the pretty boy’s pucker. Then, he oils Hansen’s hot hole with a butt load of boy grease. He dips his stiff stick back in, coating Jacob’s guts with gorgeous goo. Ashtin’s worked up quite an appetite after his hard days work, and his boy’s cream pie is lookin’ mighty tasty. He takes a big lick, then shares it with his panting, partner in pounding. Check this Helix Studios today at 40% OFF on the Spring Sale!

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New DVD release! Breakin In staring Sean Ford & Zach Taylor Directed by Dominic Pacifico


  1. Ashtin may not be the typical Helix twink – but he is cute and has a special piggy site. All the cumeating, snowballing etc was missing at Helix
    With him the other twinks will get more nasty than maybe expected. Jacob could not wait to start snowballing with Ashtin.

    On twitter you see Ashtin hangs up with Trevor Harris . maybe a new crossover.. that would awsome.

    Helix needs guys like Ashtin to get more sluttier.. Sketchysex Scenes are too much fake than i prefer to watch

  2. Very hot nasty fuck the belt around Jacobs neck surprised me I kept thinking is this a Helix video? but yah they have had their moments getting down and dirty years ago. Helix needs a guy like Ashtin from Sketchy and Jacob looked to be having loads of fun!

  3. I guess a lot of people want Helix to be something else than what they have been in the last 5-8 years. Personally, I think this scene was way off-brand for Helix, and would rather see them replace all the models they’ve lost recently with new ones that were genuinely handsome and well-built, with minimal tattoos.

    Right now I’m only interested in a few Helix models–Ashton Summers, Andy Taylor, and maybe Travis Stevens. None of the other new hires live up to Helix’s brand. Maybe 8Teenboy, or maybe Sketchy Sex or whatever else. Helix filled a niche, and they did it with beautifully filmed scenes. If they’ve decided to change their brand or lower their standards, it’s too bad, because there’s no other company to take their place.

  4. not gonna lie I don’t like tattoos like the Bates kid. yeah he has a cute face and knows how to fuck sure good video but what were they all smoking at Helix to make Ashton exclusive?

    With more scenes to watch maybe this will all seem logical to me.
    not knocking Bates I have seen him on twitter and noticed some photos from Sketchy Sex and any guy from Sketchy or Frat would seem a bad fit for Helix and their unique look.

  5. Ashtin is an excellent performer and I am glad to see Helix going ‘outside of the box’ again, like they used to do several years ago. Helix is ‘expanding horizons’ and most fans should appreciate that not every person is going to like every single model but I guess if someone has a big dislike of tattoos, they may not give a guy a chance if they have them. Their loss. I believe having a variety of models is a very good thing, and Ashtin Bates brings something new and special to Helix. Looking forward to more from him!

  6. I totally agree Tony, I welcome Ashtin and like what i see so far

  7. While I never expected Helix to hire Ashtin I am so glad they decided to. I think any model should get a chance to prove themselves and Ashtin sure did. Tattoos have become so mainstream now I think even Helix had to accomadate that reality. Bel Ami gets criticized all the time for the very few models who have them and they have started allowing models with them as well.

    Yes Kevin Warhol was allowed in way back ten years ago but it was highly controversial and he was attacked by the old guard members.

    Now its hard to imagine a Bel Ami without Kevin! He won us over! (most of us)

  8. The boys may not have the cut abs, as the current models, but Helix has definitely missed out in recent years in scenes where the models were “snow balling”, swapping cum. One of the things that other adult site show more of and from the other comments consumers love to see.

  9. @Matthew you are so right.. maybe the new generation of the Helixboys will do more cumplay in general.
    first all the scenes are now in fully bareback – next chapter – kinkier side of the PrEP twinks

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