Two Big Twinks;Kurt Niles and Miles Pike…8Teenboy

Two Big Twinks features 18 year old Miles Pikes third scene with now veteran Hottie Kurt Niles and this marks his ninth scene! Kurt has quickly become a fan and member favorite with his winning personality, versatile and intense sexual style and well that 7.5 inch cock that looks SO thick and fulfilling! Yeah that’s what Miles facial reaction looks like in this scene when Kurt dives all the way IN,,his eyes betray the intensity! Of course Miles dick is same length as Kurt just not as girthy! Highly Recommended 8Teenboy with 15 inches of quality twink Cock!Sex; 4 1 half stars blackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

Miles Pike is primping in the bathroom and looking mighty fine. His boyish good looks heat up a horny Kurt Niles who invites the tasty twink into his room. The tight bodied teens strip one another and a cock craving Kurt gets on his knees to satisfy his hunger. Lucky for the starving schlong slut, Miles has a huge hog that satisfies his hunger and tickles the very back of his throat.

When Kurt is finally able to part with the meaty piece, he stands up, revealing a massive bulge in his sexy sweatpants. Pike peels ’em down revealing that Kurt’s colossal cock can’t even completely fit in his underwear! An impressed, wide eyed Miles makes a meal out of the porn star sized piece before the big bonered boy asks for an ass eating. Pike tongues the raven haired hottie’s pretty little pucker but still can’t resist going back to that big rig a bit.

The ass eating heated Niles’ neither regions and the boy begs for a banging. He flips over, plants his hands on the bed, and braces himself for a big dicked, bareback, butt slam. The alabaster skinned ass assassin plows Kurt’s cock hungry hole as the brunette bottom works his own big swinging bone before the dicknamic duo swap spots. Miles gets a taste of his own meaty medicine as Kurt slides every inch of his ample appendage deep into Pike’s back road and gets to ramming.

After enjoying a fantastic fucking for a bit, Miles grabs his main muscle and milks it for all his worth. The peaches and cream cutie creams a massive amount of jizz from his jock, shooting all the way past his pretty pink nips. Kurt pulls out. His dick completely engorged, fully swollen and full of semen is a super sized site to behold. The beautiful bad boy douses his dude, squeezing out every oozy ounce of spooge before planting a kiss on pretty boy Pike. Check out this 8Teenboy Today!

Seriously Miles doesn’t look old enough to be so orally skilled! He is!

Since this is 8Teenboy you know there is a good chance of a Flip!

Miles “If mom can see me now…shit she will see this!!!”

Harder Kurt…

And Miles forgets all about Mom!

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